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  • Innovative Pressure Technologies

Innovative Pressure Technologies

Manifold Valves

Innovative Pressure Technologies’ 2-, 3- and 5-way manifold valves are designed to connect system impulse lines and transmitters. The devices combine tee and calibration and isolation valve functions into one valve configuration. Each valve contains bonnet lock pins to prevent accidental loosening.

    Innovative Pressure Technologies

    Needle Valves

    Innovative Pressure Technologies of Erie, Pa. introduces High Pressure Needle Valves. These valves feature a non-rotating stem to prevent galling and scoring and are engineered to deliver reliable operation at working pressures up to 60,000 psi in temperatures ranging from100° to 450°F (-73° to 232°C). They feature a Vee or Regulating tip stem and six body styles to accommodate a wide variety of applications. Typical applications include general plant service, instrument isolation, hydraulics, pneumatics, pressure measurement devices, and venting, among others.

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