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Geoprobe Systems


Subsurface Machine

Geoprobe Systems’ high-capacity 8040DT subsurface machine features a five-function combo head for installing 2-inch monitoring wells with no cuttings, performing standard penetration testing, high-capacity augering and for driving large-diameter casing. Large power allows the use of different drilling techniques including direct push, air rotary, wet rotary, overburden rotary systems and augering. Options include a coring head, pullback/breakout, and Geoprobe Drop Rack system for tool transport. The product is CE documented, and has 59,000 lbs. of downforce and 80,000 lbs. of pullback.

    Geoprobe Systems

    Direct Push Machine

    The Model 7822DT subsurface machine from Geoprobe Systems has direct push functions and geotechnical capabilities. Features include a GH64 hammer with modular percussion power cell technology and integrated two-speed bidirectional rotation. The rear stabilizer contains a drop rack system, which allows operators to move accessories and tools weighing up to 2,000 lbs. Three auxiliary hydraulic power ports can be controlled by an operator via the control panel.

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