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  • Trans Environmental Systems Inc

Trans Environmental Systems Inc.

Track Pans

Trans Environmental Systems offers open-track pans with slide-out panels designed for spill containment during loading and unloading of railroad cars. These track pans lagbolt down to existing track ties and retain about 200 gallons of liquid. The design offers an alternative to the rolling lid design. The model CPO fits between the rails and can be complimented by two model SPOs that can be set outboard of the rails to provide a protected area over 12 feet across.

    Trans Environmental Systems Inc.

    Containment Pouch

    The Haz-Hammock from Trans Environmental Systems is an emergency response containment pouch designed to attach to a leaking tanker truck of tanker. The 50-gallon polypropylene pouch can contain acids, caustics, solvents, and fuels for many hours. The device features a poly drain valve, hose connection, and poly belts or ropes. The resusable pouch allows the leaking vessel to be relocated to minimize traffic or social disruption.

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