May 22 - 23

Rutgers University - Off Campus

Learn about design, construction and management advances in onsite treatment and disposal of wastewater (commonly referred to as “onsite systems” or “septic systems”). This course has been designed to present the information you need to know to get things done, make things work and ultimately help the environment! The Rutgers - NJAES Office of Continuing Professional Education has worked closely with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) to gather together speakers and topics that will address the design, installation and maintenance of onsite systems. As part of our program, health officials, engineers, designers and installation personnel will present case studies of things that worked (and maybe a few that didn’t). Come and learn from their experiences! Specific topics will include: • Applicable regulations and construction standards • Management issues – maintenance best practices/standards (including discussions of local ordinances) • System inspections – the who (should do them), what (needs to be checked), where (are they required everywhere) and when (too frequent or too infrequent) • Challenging environmental or economic situations – learn how alternative technologies have been used to successfully overcome problems.