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Watershed Academy Sets Webcast on Houston's LID Experience

On Aug. 11, EPA will explain how a low impact design competition had a ripple effect on Houston's design/build community.

New Stormwater Management Guide to Benefit Chesapeake Bay

According to EPA, many municipalities’ stormwater management plans are out of date and have not been fully implemented, and permits don’t always contain clear milestones to ensure that water quality standards would be met.

EPA Solicits Ideas for Enbridge Oil Spill

The agency has a website to answer questions about what technical solutions would be most useful to reviewing officials.

University of Arkansas graduate student Rose Feinstein sets up the laser level for a survey.

Geoscience Team Gauges Stream Depths, Differences

University of Arkansas researchers took a look at streams and land use surveys to determine that restoration of urban streams cannot be based on the characteristics of streams in agricultural or forested settings.

Birds and other wildlife are being cleaned after Enbridge oil spill

Update: Enbridge President Says Company Is Committed to Cleanup

The company is working with Focus Wildlife, the Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to minimize the impact on birds and wildlife in the area. A bird and wildlife rehabilitation center is now operational.

A view of the Chesapeake Bay watershed

NASA Satellite Improves Nonpoint Pollution Monitoring

Joseph Nigro's team incorporated two NASA products into the Better Assessment Science Integrating Nonpoint Sources program that calculates streamflow rates and pollution concentrations.

Lake Trout Seem to Have More Mercury Now, Study Says

Researchers suggest invasive species may have altered Lake Erie's foodweb, where increasing concentrations of mercury have been found in walleye.


10 Weeds That Aren't Safe for Your Salad

The Weed Science Society of America has assembled a rogue's gallery of especially dangerous plants that are not edible.

Committee OKs Full Parks Funding from Oil and Gas Drilling Leases

The National Recreation and Park Association celebrated the vote of the House Natural Resources Committee.

Ukraine Milk Company Powered by 4,000 Cows and Biogas Engine

A green tariff will allow the company to sell its power to the grid.

NOAA Finds PM and Black Carbon in Air near Gulf Spill

Three different federal agencies are monitoring air quality in and around the spill for the environment and worker health.

NRDC: In 40 Years Water Demand to Exceed Supply in 14 States

A Tetra Tech analysis found that the Great Plains and the Southwest are at extreme risk for water sustainability.

New Bedford Gets $1 M for Shore-side Power Electrification Project

Two New Bedford Harbor fishing piers will install marine power pedestals that will provide electricity to vessels, eliminating the need to idle diesel engines and thereby lower emissions of particulate matter and other gases.

Dr. Goose Advises a Multi-faceted Approach to Get Rid of Pests

Phil Whitford, aka Dr. Goose, offers expert advice to all - from homeowners and park districts to airports.

EPA Region 5 Awards Education Grants

The $190,000 in grants will be used to further education and training for sustainable gardening, hazardous household waste disposal, carbon sequestration, and watershed protection.

ORSANCO Proposes Changes, Alliance Fears Mercury Pollution in River

The Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission is responding to a gap in technology while the Kentucky Waterways Alliance voices its concern for the river.

University of Arizona: Online Learning Supplements Watershed Program

Online learning module students demonstrated a 30 percent increase in content knowledge.

EPA Awards Nearly $30 M to Restore Puget Sound

Projects across the region will preserve habitat, protect watersheds and spur responsible urban growth.

Maryland Rural Water Group Names Elkton System of the Year

The biological nutrient removal wastewater treatment plan has been in operation for about two years.

ThermoEnergy Contracts with NYC for Jamaica Bay Work

New York City will implement the CASTion Ammonia Recovery Process to reduce nitrogen discharges in the bay.

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