Environmental Protection


Reprioritizing Wetland Protection Through Sequencing

Now, more than ever, aquatic ecosystem components continue to be the primary water resource targeted for development.

White-Nose Syndrome Confirmed in Arkansas

Arkansas becomes the 23rd state to confirm the deadly disease in bats.

U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman, a California Democrat, has been the architect of many important environmental, health, and food safety laws.

Waxman Announces He'll Retire This Year

Ranking Democrat on the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce, he has played a leading role in enacting major environmental and health laws for decades.

Groups Urge EPA to Close Pollution Reporting Loophole in Oil and Gas Industry

In an EIP report, it was found that 395 facilities in six states emit over 10,000 pounds of toxic chemicals each year, but don’t report to the Toxics Release Inventory because of a government loophole.

NRDC Warns FDA Approved Livestock Antibiotics Harmful to Humans

The council's report says despite knowledge that certain livestock antibiotics were not necessarily safe for human consumption, the FDA allowed their use.

California Ranchers Dread the Impacts of Water Shortage

After a water emergency was declared for California less than two weeks ago, ranchers voice their concern over the impacts the drought will have on their livestock and crops if the water shortage continues for much longer.

The Pacific Coast Action Plan could be an effective blueprint for locally driven climate and energy policy. Will it be implemented in 2014?

Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy

The Pacific Coast Action Plan could be an effective blueprint for locally driven climate and energy policy. Will it be implemented in 2014?

APATEQ Delivers First Deposit Water Treatment Unit

The Luxembourg startup announced "a large customer in Europe" ordered the pilot plant to treat water from oil production and hydraulic fracturing.

FedEx Express, Nissan to Test e-NV200 in D.C.

These field tests will be the first time the electric compact cargo vehicle will be running in North American; the two companies have conducted tests in Japan, Singapore, Brazil, and the UK.

Communities along the pipeline route launched Texas Pipeline Watch to arm landowners and citizens with cameras to document every spill, leak, and disturbance along the risky pipeline.

Texas Pipeline Watch to Closely Monitor TransCanada’s Tar Sands Pipeline

As the southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline starts to flow this week, residents around the route will be using cameras from the Texas Pipeline Watch to monitor and document all activity of the pipeline.

London Brigade Quenches Another Fire at Notorious Recycling Plant

The Jan. 23 fire at the Waste 4 Fuel facility on Cornwall Drive, Orpington, is the 12th at that site since Dec. 3, 2011, according to the London Fire Brigade.

The natural gas drilling boom in the United States has a significant environmental impact.

Natural Gas: Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem?

The recent fracking boom may do more harm than good for the climate if the U.S. EPA doesn’t do a better job of regulating methane releases. Even if it does, will cheap natural gas displace cleaner energy options like wind and solar?

NY Working Hard to Catch up with CA's Energy Storage Requirements

The U.S. government clearly wants to create a substantial energy storage marketplace and is laying the groundwork to make this a reality.

New Pig's Forum Gets the Waste Out

The Waste Minimization Forum is being stocked with resources to help plants minimize waste and save money through sustainability initiatives, recycling, and lean manufacturing.

ABB Wins Zayed Future Energy Prize

ABB, the global power and automation technology group, has been awarded the Zayed Future Energy Prize 2014 in recognition of its efforts to drive innovation, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

California Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. on Jan. 17, 2014, proclaimed a state of emergency and directed state officials to take all necessary actions to prepare for the drought conditions.

Water Emergency Declared for California

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. on Jan. 17 proclaimed a state of emergency and directed state officials to take all necessary actions to prepare in the face of the driest year on record.

Army to Prepare EIS For Schofield Generating Station Project

The 50 MW power generation plant at the Schofield Barracks would be leased to the Hawaiian Electric Company and would burn a mixture of biofuel and diesel.

Mutual Housing Takes Green Approach to Playground Design

Mutual Housing California is taking a green approach to a playground upgrade at an 87-apartment community in North Sacramento using natural materials that encourage children to use their imagination.

Trichloroethylene, a solvent and a volatile organic chemical, can contaminate groundwater and become an indoor air hazard.

A Perfect Storm Batters Risk Management Decisions for TCE

This new interim policy means that a chronic toxic effect could occur across a 24 hour period of time and any average 24-hour exposure measurement above the RfC is cause for prompt action. This is unprecedented and scientifically indefensible.

Google Invests $75 Million in Texas Wind Farms

Panhandle 2, a wind farm just outside of Amarillo, Texas, has received a $75 million investment from Google. This is Google’s 15th renewable energy investment, and their second in the Lone Star State.

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