Elevated Nitrogen and Phosphorus Still Widespread, USGS Says

The U.S. Geological Survey compiled data since the early 1990s to discover that efforts to decrease nutrients in waterbodies have not succeeded.

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The Cost of the 'Water Risk' Component of Climate Change

The Securities and Exchange Commission's guidance on disclosing water risks most likely will increase the costs of doing business.

Oil Companies Offer Equipment, Seek to Improve Incident Response

ExxonMobil will provide underwater equipment to the Marine Well Containment Company for use by BP in the Gulf of Mexico.

$5M Study to Consider Climate Impacts on Great Lakes Water Quality

University of Michigan-led researchers will examine current climate, land use, precipitation and water governance patterns and then combine the data with climate change models to forecast possible effects.

SAWS Seeks Innovative Water Supply Project Ideas

Following the request for information, the San Antonio Water System will release a request for proposals on water supply diversification.

World Water Monitoring Day Debuts Data Map before Sept. 18

The Outpost Central designed map will allow participants to easily view data; upload photos, qualitative feedback and more.

Climate Ready Water Utilities Group to Finalize Report

The group will review and discuss in a public meeting final changes to its report.

IBM Works with Nature Conservancy on Sustaining Watersheds Program

The team will establish a Website for watershed managers and planners to analyze river basins, and make more informed decisions.

Landowner and Excavator Failed to Contact Corps of Engineers for Dam

The landowner and the company he hired to perform excavation to create an earthen dam will pay a $30,000 civil penalty.

SWASH+ to Bring Water and Sanitation to 150 Schools in Central America

Inter-American Development Bank and The Coca-Cola Foundation have provided for funds for the program's expansion.

Debris free plateau glacier in Bhutan

Scientific Collaboration Reports Glaciers Retreating in Asia

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, glaciers in the Himalaya are a major source of fresh water and supply meltwater to all of the rivers in northern India.

Fish and Wildlife Targets Spread of Invasive Mussels in the West

Invasive mussels can clog water intake and delivery pipes and dam intake gates, among other thiings.

Chemtura OKs $26M Bankruptcy Settlement for CERCLA Liabilities

The specialty chemicals producer last year filed for bankruptcy and, at that time, was potentially responsible for cleanups at Superfund sites in 14 states.

West Basin Grants Will Help Local Businesses Install HETs

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation awarded nearly $300,000 to the California district to help conserve water by using high efficiency toilets.

Forest fires affect the organic content of soil.

Studies to Investigate Fire Effects, Mercury and Water Links

"We're trying to learn how biochemical molecules that microorganisms produce can attack mercury that is bound to natural organic matter and minerals, and release it back to the water," explained Kathryn Nagy, a University of Illinois professor.

USDA: A Bucket of Live Bait Can Carry Deadly Disease

The U.S. Department of Agriculture warns fishing enthusiasts that transporting baitfish from one lake to another can also carry viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus into the water.

Precision Antibody to Develop Monoclonal Antibodies for Parasite Detection

The company will develop antibodies to two species of cryptosporidium for EPA.

Researchers Learn More about How Plants Deal with Water Stress

University of Wisconsin professor says these small steps in understanding plant dehydration effects may eventually help in the development of crops that can withstand this type of stress.

Agency Seeks Comments on Total Coliform Rule Guidance Manual

The manual provides public water systems and primacy agencies guidance on implementing the assessment and corrective action requirements of the proposed revised total coliform rule.

How Should EPA Improve Drinking Water Protection?

A Web-based discussion forum is open for business as the agency implements its new drinking water strategy.