USC Estimates Risk for Childhood Asthma Due to Heavy Traffic

The study says 9 percent of childhood asthma cases in Long Beach and 6 percent in Riverside were attributable to traffic proximity.

Mount Sinai Leads Team to Uncover Asbestos Pathology Cleanup in Libby

"The asbestos-related disease in Libby is far more aggressive and rapidly progressive than what's seen in most asbestos-exposed workers," said Dr. Levin.

New Pesticide Labeling Should Control Spray Drift

EPA is seeking comments on proposed guidance that should make label directions more uniform, specific, and protective of human health.

EPA Orders Pesticide Testing for Hormone Effects

Over the next four months, manufacturers will test 67 chemicals using a battery of scientific assays and test guidelines from EPA.

Stimulus-funded Researchers Meet to Address BPA Gaps

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences gathered scientists on Oct. 6 to begin an integrated research initiative that will enable a comprehensive assessment of possible health effects.

Study Finds that Washing Releases Nanosilver from Textiles

Scientists in Switzerland say up to 35 percent of the total nanosilver in tested fabrics was released, mostly in the first wash.

AEP to Test Stability of Ash Impoundment

As a precaution, EPA alerted West Virginia and Ohio officials of its concerns related to the Philip Sporn facility.

Seth Guikema

Researchers Model Hurricane-related Power Outages

Data could save utilities money and facilitate logistics for repair crews.

Blood Lead Levels Linked to Lower Test Scores in Children

Exposure to lead in early childhood significantly contributes to lower performances on end-of-grade (EOG) reading tests among minority and low-income children, according to researchers at Duke University and North Carolina Central University.

Rotman Team Uncovers Side Effects of Green

Experiment found that subjects who bought green products exhibited less altruistic behavior.

Chinese Drywall Damage Claims Grow in Mississippi

Lawyers refer claims to a consolidated suit in federal court.

Jackson Outlines Plan for Chemical Management Reform

EPA Administrator says the agency will be working to strengthen current Toxic Substances Control Act regulations while Congress is considering new legislation.

Princeton-Rice Device Identifies Nitric Oxide

Using lasers and sensors, a team of researchers has demonstrated a new method of identifying nitric oxide.

Agency Adopts New Strategy for Nanomaterial Research

EPA is using a multidisciplinary approach in its laboratories to determine how manufactured nanomaterials may harm human health and the environment.

Agency Provides Guidance on Handling PCBs in Caulk

EPA recommends minimizing dust, washing, and vacuuming to lower exposure to caulk that may contain polychlorinated biphenyls in buildings 31 years old or older.

PPG Innovation Receives Michigan Green Chemistry Award

The Governor's Award recognizes PPG's Green Logic paint detackifier.

Compliance Issues Arise with Pandemic Fever

The second wave of the H1N1 is spreading across the nation. Projections say that the H1N1 virus could cause 30-40% absenteeism among the workforce. This may make it necessary for co-workers or management to assume unfamiliar or less familiar tasks.