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Without Intervention, Mariana Crow Would Go Extinct in 75 Years

Researchers from the University of Washington say the Mariana crow, a forest crow living on Rota Island in the western Pacific Ocean, will go extinct in 75 years, almost twice as soon as previously believed.

Growing Hypoxic Zones Reduce Habitat for Billfish and Tuna

Billfish and tuna, important commercial and recreational fish species, may be more vulnerable to fishing pressure because of shrinking habitat according to a new study.

Drone Image

Images from Aerial Drones Help Monitor Arctic Seal Population

A novel project that uses cameras mounted on unmanned aircraft flying over the Arctic is serving double duty: Not only is it assessing the characteristics of declining sea ice, but it’s also using the same aerial photos to pinpoint seals that have hauled up on ice floes.

Penn. Joins Wildlife Violator Compact, Stiffening Poaching Penalties

On Jan. 1, 2011, Pennsylvania will become the 36th member state of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact, under which the convicted wildlife violators will stand to lose their hunting privileges in all states enrolled in the compact, according to Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Carl G. Roe.

USGS: Global Warming-Caused Sea-Ice Loss Not Irreversible

Sea-ice habitats essential to polar bears would likely respond positively should countries curb global greenhouse gas emissions.

NOAA Restricts Fishing in Aleutian Islands to Protect Steller Sea Lions

NOAA’s Fisheries Service issued its final interim rule to reduce commercial fishing for groundfish stocks in the Aleutian Islands in an effort to provide more food for the endangered western Steller sea lion.

Bouchard Transportation Agrees to $6M Settlement for Buzzards Bay Oil Spill Damages

Bouchard Transportation Co. Inc. and its affiliates will pay more than $6 million to settle a portion of the federal and state natural resource damages claims for the April 2003 spill of up to 98,000 gallons of oil into Buzzards Bay, according to the Department of Justice.

World Governments Agree on Zero Extinction Target

An Alliance for Zero Extention map poinpoints sites where endangered wildlife are located and could be used to identify places that need habitat protection.

new Titi monkey

Expedition Discovers Unique Titi Monkey in the Amazon

Javier Garcia found 13 groups of the species using a GPS and listening for their distinctive calls.

Birds and other wildlife are being cleaned after Enbridge oil spill

Update: Enbridge President Says Company Is Committed to Cleanup

The company is working with Focus Wildlife, the Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to minimize the impact on birds and wildlife in the area. A bird and wildlife rehabilitation center is now operational.

EcoDogs Sniff Out Endangered Species

Training dogs to identify specific animal excrement, Auburn University is gathering data on species having the greatest conservation need.


NOAA Tests Shellfish for Eventual Damage Assessment of BP Spill

Data of unaffected waters is critical to measuring ecological impact of Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill; agency also determines fishery disaster for Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

VHS No Longer Causing Huge Fish Die-Offs in Great Lakes

USDA veterinarian warns that boating and fishing enthusiasts should still be vigilant in removing any potential threats from their equipment.

Cornell-Audubon Citizen Network Tracks Spill-threatened Birds

Audubon will use the data as part of its on-the-scene recovery response.

Poll Shows Some Americans Plan to Drive Less after BP Oil Spill

The Shelton Group surveyed 1,312 consumers, and about 13 percent said they will stop buying BP gas.

Maine Requires Seaplanes to Carry Water Protection Sticker

State expands the net for water crafts to help protect its lakes and ponds from invasive species.

USDA and Interior Agree to Protect Sage-Grouse Habitat

Habitat producers can sign up through April 23 to participate in the first round of rankings for the protection initiative, which will be funneled through the Environmental Quality and Wildlife Habitat incentive programs.

Zebra Mussel, Round Goby Transfer PCBs into Great Lakes' Walleyes

Invasive species responsible in contaminating the popular sport fish, according to a study by the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment.

pitcher plants

Contaminated Insect Diet May be Linked to Carnivorous Plant Health

UK study says toxic metals may contribute to decline of meat-eating plants such as the endangered white-topped pitcher plant.

Army Finds Way to Recover Golden-cheeked Warbler

Using market-based conservation, the Fort Hood Recovery Credit System pays private landowners for recovery actions because its base is home to the largest known population of the endangered birds.

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