Cap and Trade

Attorneys Speculate on Value of SEC Carbon Disclosure

Even though there are no accepted standards, companies that create little or no greenhouse gases are being pushed to measure their emissions and disclose material risks for investors.

Companies Say They Will Report, Reduce Emissions without Regulation

The Climate Registry's survey reveals that its members are motivated by business reasons: expected cost of carbon and consumer pressure to be green.

Texas Files Review Petitions on GHG Endangerment Finding

Gov. Perry says finding is based on discredited IPCC science and would hurt state agriculture and energy interests.

Indiana Professor: Obama Should Order GHG Cuts

Rafael Reuveny says consensus won't work for managing greenhouse gas emissions.

environmental software

Green Screen

Emissions tracking software keeps companies one step ahead of impending greenhouse gas regulation.

Feb. 12 Summit Offers Help in Planning for Carbon Laws

Congressman Edward Markey will discuss the future of the low-carbon economy at the Boston venue.

AMMA Notes Concerns on Analysis of HR 2454

The American Materials Manufacturing Alliance says that Waxman-Markey measures for EITE industries are inadequate.

SO2 Emissions from Power Plants Continue to Decrease

Acid rain cap-and-trade program helps plants beat 2010 sulfur dioxide emissions targets early. 

Western Business Roundtable: Stop Rulemaking until U.S. Completes Corrupted Data Probe

All work by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to develop mandatory limits on greenhouse gases should be put on hold until congressional investigators determine whether or not the science upon which EPA is relying was doctored, a group of Western business leaders urged in a Dec. 1 press release.

IPI Survey: Economists Agree Climate Change Puts Economy at Risk

A price on carbon will increase incentives for efficiency and innovation, according to nearly all of the 144 economists who responded to NYU's Institute for Policy Integrity survey.

Point Carbon: ExxonMobil Most Exposed under Cap and Trade

Calculating carbon cost to the largest emitters of greenhouse gases, Point Carbon says Southern is most vulnerable and Exelon more prosperous.

Cap and Trade Partnership Lowers Smog Levels in Eastern U.S.

EPA report shows that a cap and trade partnership established in 2003 has reduced smog-forming emissions of nitrogen oxides.

Experts Set Debate on Carbon Trading for U.S. Business

Will Congress get in step with Europe and pass a cap-and-trade law to stem greenhouse gases?

Opcon, Tricorona Team up to Export Technology

Stockholm-based company has a technology that generates carbon-free electricity from waste heat.

NEMA Says Smart Grid Grants Reflect Its Initiatives

The Department of Energy is offering a total of $3.3 billion in grants, and NEMA is offering its members a list of Smart Grid dockets and other information related to the grants.

SWANA: Monthly Reporting, Phase-in Needed for Proposed GHG Rule

The Solid Waste Association of North America submitted comments to EPA on mandatory reporting of greenhouse gases.

Farmers' Group Outlines Cap and Trade Bill Priorities

American Farmland Trust spells out its priorities with lawmakers.

Study: Risk for S&P 500 Varies in Cap and Trade

Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute and Trucost say the earnings of most companies would be relatively unaffected.

Climate Lobbying Grows as Bill Makes Progress

The Center for Public Integrity says nearly 140 businesses and interest groups have joined in lobbying on climate change.