The Environmental and Social Benefits of Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The Environmental and Social Benefits of Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electrical vehicle sales are becoming more popular. By 2030, sales of this vehicle are expected to reach 40 percent of total passenger car sales.

a heaping pile of plastic sits outside

A Brief Look at Cleaning Products and Sustainability

The chemicals used to clean homes and businesses can have a negative impact on our planet.

a digital tablet sits on a grassy backdrop with a hard hat, solar panel, model of a home, lightbulb and blueprint above

The Importance of Software in Sustainable Construction

By adopting technology in construction projects, we can help the industry become greener.

a radiator in the shape of a house against a teal background

Understanding the Relationship Between Home Heating and Air Pollution

Improving indoor air quality by reducing air pollution from home heating can positively impact the environment.

up close view of a roof with shingles

Environmental Advantages of Soy-Based Shingles Used for Roofing

In addition to producing less waste, what other impacts can these shingles have on the environment?

The Environmental Legacy of International Burn Pits Continues After 20 Years

Some people in Iraq and Afghanistan who lived or worked downwind from burn pits experienced negative health effects.

air conditioner on a ceiling with green leaves underneath

Breathe Easy: A Guide to Improving Indoor Air Quality for a Safer, Healthier Living Space

Poor indoor air quality can have negative effects on human health.

man in yellow vest and white hard hat looks over the edge of a wastewater treatment pond

Wastewater Treatment for the Apartments or Residential Areas

What are the benefits of wastewater treatment infrastructure?

wooden tiles spelling out "carbon capture" against a yellow, blue and green background

Environmental Carbon Capture Technology for Urban Residential Properties

At an apartment tower in New York, CO2 is captured, cooled into a liquid and trucked nearby to a factory where it's mixed with cement and sealed into cement blocks.

fire blazes in forest

Understanding California's Strange Fire Season and What That Means for Natural Disasters

Though California has a history of wildfires, the ones seen in the last decade have been some of the worst.

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President’s FY2024 Budget Includes $12 Billion for EPA

The budget includes funding for environmental justice and climate change.

sign on stone building reading "Department of Justice"

DOJ Seeks to Compel Manufacturer in Area with High Cancer Rates to Reduce Airborne Chloroprene Emissions

The complaint was filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court for Eastern Louisiana on behalf of the EPA under the Clean Air Act.

sign on stone building reading "United States Environmental Protection Agency" with a red tree to the left

EPA to Hold Sessions on PFAS Strategic Roadmap

Each of the 11 sessions—with two having already passed—will be held virtually.

aerial view of six water treatment plants

More Than $2.4B Announced for Water Infrastructure Improvements Across the Country

The funding comes from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

sun shining down on lake with dam. to the right of the lake are windmills, and to the right of those are solar panels

Coal Now Economically Outmatched by Renewables

Renewable energy is predicted to make $2.97 trillion by 2030.

view of town skyline with black cloud reaching from town to sky

What We Know About the Train Derailment in Ohio

What effects has this had on the environment?

burlap bag with USD sign on it and silver and gold coins below. A gavel sits to the right, with both items against a blue backdrop

A Look at EPA’s New Civil Monetary Penalty Amounts

The effective date of the new penalties was January 6, 2023.

How Recycling Your Car Protects the Environment

How Recycling Your Car Protects the Environment

Choosing to recycle your car can impact greenhouse gas and help decrease energy. Find out how else it impacts the environment.

How Businesses Can Lead the Way to Net Zero

How Businesses Can Lead the Way to Net Zero

Here are five steps your business can take.

The Impact of Water Waste on Carbon Emissions in the Built Environment and How to Minimize It

The Impact of Water Waste on Carbon Emissions in the Built Environment and How to Minimize It

Thanks to technology, management teams now have a new generation of solutions for water sustainability and operational efficiency.