EPA Emphasizes National Security Memorandum on U.S. Infrastructure

EPA Emphasizes National Security Memorandum on U.S. Infrastructure

The document addresses climate change threats as a primary infrastructure concern.

The White House has issued a National Security Memorandum (NSM) to strengthen the resilience of infrastructure across the United States. This replaces a decade-old presidential policy document, launching an effort to safeguard U.S. infrastructure against threats.

“Cybersecurity and climate change threats pose serious risks to the drinking water and wastewater services that people in this country rely on every day, and recent cyber attacks on water systems underscore the urgency of increased and coordinated action to protect public health and the environment,” EPA Deputy Administrator Janet McCabe said in a statement. “The Biden-Harris Administration is leading a comprehensive effort to secure our nation’s critical infrastructure against all threats, and the efforts outlined in the new National Security Memorandum are vital to ensuring that EPA and other federal entities are taking the necessary steps to safeguard public health and our economy.”

The NSM delineates the roles and responsibilities of lead federal agencies tasked with enhancing the resilience of critical infrastructure sectors. The EPA is designated as the official agency responsible for managing risks in the water sector. It also establishes a coordinated national approach to assess and manage sector-specific risks.

The Biden-Harris Administration's "Investing in America" agenda includes nearly $50 billion to modernize the nation’s water infrastructure. This funding includes over $23 billion in State Revolving Funds for drinking water and clean water and aims to support strategies to enhance resilience against hazards, including environmental concerns such as climate change.

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