Investigation Reveals French Dairy Company Pollution

Investigation Reveals French Dairy Company Pollution

A French media company discovered years of water pollution caused by the dairy company Lactalis.

A recent report found that the largest dairy company in France, has actively polluted rivers in the country for the past ten years, according to The Guardian.

An investigation done by French outlet Disclose revealed that 38 of Lactalis’ French production sites had violated environmental regulations by releasing milk derivatives or byproducts from wastewater treatment plants into rivers.

“The information we have been able to gather reveals a huge environmental pollution scandal,” said Geoffrey Livolsi, co-editor-in-chief of Disclose. “The frequency of the pollution, and the number of industrial sites concerned, raises serious questions about the group's ability to follow environmental regulations.”

Over half of the 60 Lactalis production sites that were examined failed to comply with environmental code regulations as far back as 2010.