Two August Meetings to Address Hawaii's Vulnerability to Sea-Level Rise

The meeting seek residents' input as state officials develop a Sea Level Rise Vulnerability and Adaptation Report for the 2018 Hawaii State Legislature. It will be the first state-wide assessment of the impacts of sea-level rise on Hawaii's coastal areas.

Hawaii's Department of Land and Natural Resources will be holding its fourth and fifth public information meetings on sea level rise vulnerability and adaptation this month. They will take place Aug. 17 from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Aupuni Center Conference Room, located at 101 Pauahi Street in Hilo, Hawaii, and Aug. 22 in Kona.

They are part of a series of informational meetings being held statewide to gather comments and input about key issues and concerns regarding preparedness and adaptation. The first meeting was held on Oahu in June 2016, the second one in January 2017 on Kauai, and the third one in March 2017 on Maui. The agency wants the public to understand how climate change could affect Hawaiians' way of life; rising sea levels are expected to increase the occurrence and severity of coastal erosion and flooding and to threaten coastal communities and natural resources concentrated along low-lying shores.

"We are in the process of developing a Sea Level Rise Vulnerability and Adaptation Report that is to be submitted in anticipation of the 2018 Hawaii State Legislature, and we are interested in soliciting input from our island communities to help us complete the report," said DLNR Chair Suzanne Case.

"This SLR Report is the first state-wide assessment of the impacts of sea-level rise on our coastal areas. Using the best available scientific knowledge and local experience, it will help us prepare for future sea level rise and present recommendations to reduce our exposure to SLR hazards, such as erosion and extreme flooding," added Sam Lemmo, co-chair of the Interagency Climate Adaptation Committee.

For more information, contact the Office of Conservation and Coastal Lands at 808-587-0377 or visit

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