TapIt Springs Up in N.Y. to Fill Water Bottles

TapIt Water, a water bottle refilling network, has launched its services in New York City.

Created in 2008, TapIt is a network of cafes and eateries across New York City that partner with the company to provide clean drinking water to those who carry their own reusable bottle. TapIt users can find partner locations at TapitWater.com, and iPhone users can download their locator application from the App Store.

"I was so frustrated that in order to get a drink of water when I was out in the city, I had to purchase a bottle of it. I was eager to find a way to both save on the expense and reduce the waste that comes from single-serve plastic bottles," says TapIt founder Kylie Harper.

In the past five months, TapIt has grown to include more than 200 local cafes and eateries in New York City.

"The benefits of TapIt are many," says Harper. "Partners and users help to clean up communities by reducing waste from plastic bottles that end up in landfills and streets. And users are able to decrease their individual carbon footprint by reducing their reliance on bottled water while saving money. In fact, users could save up to $500 per year if they were to use TapIt instead of buying a bottle of water each day."