Golden Flake, MillerCoors Contract with ADI Systems

Golden Flake Snack Foods Inc. awarded ADI Systems Inc. a multimillion dollar contract for a complete design-build ADI-MBR (membrane bioreactor) system to treat wastewater from its Birmingham, Ala., production facility, according to a Feb. 10 press release.

Golden Flake produces a variety of snack foods, from potato, tortilla and corn chips, to pretzels and pork rinds. The Birmingham plant, a 350,000-square-foot facility, is the largest of three Golden Flake production plants in the southeastern US.

The new 400,000-gallon-per-day system will allow Golden Flake to direct-discharge its treated effluent to a small stream located adjacent to the plant, eliminating significant surcharges. The treated effluent will also enhance the downstream environment by increasing the water flow within the small watercourse. Design of the new facility is already under way, and the plant is scheduled to be operational later this year.

MillerCoors awarded ADI Systems Inc. a full design-build contract for a new membrane bioreactor facility for its brewery near Elkton, Va. The new system is designed to treat effluent from two existing anaerobic reactors to meet new nitrogen and phosphorus discharge limits.

These new, stricter discharge limits are being imposed as part of the five-state effort to reduce nutrient loadings to Chesapeake Bay. The ADI-MBR will replace an existing conventional activated sludge system at the site.

The MBR system is a five-stage biological nutrient removal process, with both biological and chemical phosphorus removal. The project also includes the installation of a new sludge dewatering system featuring two belt filter presses.

The new facility will be operational later this year.

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