Environmental Protection

Hazards: Geomagnetic Storms: Asset


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The car

Dedicated-EGRā„¢ Demonstration Vehicle/SAE: Asset

The Southwest Research InstituteĀ® has developed a demonstration vehicle powered by a breakthrough engine design called Dedicated Exhaust Gas Recirculation. Developed by SwRI through the High Efficiency Dilute Gasoline Engine consortium, D-EGR technology is a cost-effective solution to meet high-efficiency, low-emissions vehicle standards.

This GM video shows how renewable energy is being used by one of its Detroit plants.

GM Relationship with Detroit Renewable Energy Gets Steamy: Asset

An 8,300-foot pipe originating at Detroit Renewable Power will bring 15.8 megawatts of renewable energy to Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly. Watch this animation to see how DRE turns waste into energy.

Oceans of Change: Using Nuclear Science to Study Ocean Acidification: Asset

The negative impacts of man-made CO2 emissions on the environment are already well researched and documented. But the damaging effects of the increasing amounts of carbon dioxide that are ending up in our seas and oceans are less well known. Marine scientists at the IAEA's Environment Laboratories in Monaco are using a range of nuclear and isotopic techniques to study a process known as "Ocean Acidification."

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