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Flexible Composite Pipe Coupling

Flexible Composite Pipe Coupling

Flexible Composite Pipe Coupling

Victaulic’s Style 171 flexible composite pipe coupling is an engineered composite coupling for use where corrosive conditions exist. Ideal for reverse osmosis (RO) skids in vertical and horizontal installations, the Style 171 enables quick and simple installation and provides substantial gains in productivity. 

Featuring Victaulic installation-ready technology, the Style 171 eases and speeds installation. The Style 171 does not require disassembly prior to installation; the coupling is simply pushed onto the pipe end as a fully assembled unit and tightened using standard hand tools. The coupling’s design reduces labor hours to complete system installation, eliminates loose components that could be dropped or lost, and reduces installation clearance requirements. 

The Style 171 creates a flexible pipe joint, accommodating expansion, contraction, and deflection in the piping system. The injection molded engineered composite housing offers corrosion and UV resistance, and is lighter in weight than ductile iron and stainless steel couplings.

The Style 171 coupling can be used to join standard roll- or cut-grooved PVC and cut-grooved HDPE pipe, and can also be used on stainless steel and FRP. The Style 171 is available in 1½ to 4-inch (40 to 100 millimeter) sizes, and can withstand pressures of up to 150 psi (1,034 kPa), depending on pipe material and wall thickness.

    Aalborg Instruments

    TPU Pump Heads

    TPU Pump Heads

    TPU Pump Heads

    The TPU Pumps Heads by Aalborg Instruments are mounted on a front panel with an adjustable occlusion wall and safety cover. Installation is quick and easy by simply attaching the pump head to the motor using the existing mounting holes. The heads are designed for low to high viscosities and fluids never touch the pump head.

    Features for the pump heads include 4 rollers (TPU 1) or 10 rollers (TPU 2) to minimize pulsing, stainless steel rollers and shafts, mountable in any directions, and long tubing life. The maximum lift is 340 in. H2O (12.3 psig) and maximum suction is 350 in. H2O (12.6 psig). The pump head, the tubing’s inside diameter, and the motor’s RPM affect the flow rate.

      Aqua Research

      Aqua Research H2gO Water Purifier

      H2gO Water Purifier

      H2gO Water Purifier

      Aqua Research’s H2gO Purifier is a handheld, 3-ounce device that makes water safe to drink with only 2 button clicks. The purifier never needs replacement parts and was designed for extreme environments. The water treatment device is ideal for campers, travelers, and natural disasters. For a limited time, the water purifier is also available at the company’s Indiegogo campaign.

      According to the World Health Organization, over 3.4 million people die each year from waterborne disease. Water disinfection is one of the most effective interventions to save lives, but a large proportion of people in poor economies stop disinfecting due to complexity and on-going cost. In contrast, the H2gO Purifier is sustainable even for people at the poverty line because it is both simple to use and free to operate.

      The H2gO Purifier works by converting a few grains of common salt to a powerful disinfecting solution in a matter of seconds. It treats 1 to 20 liters of water at a time. It’s driven by a cell phone battery that can be charged by the integrated solar panel or USB, able to treat 300 liters of water per charge. Only one hour of sunlight makes over 1 gallon of safe water. There is even an LED flashlight for night-time operation.

        Electro-Chemical Devices, Inc.

        ECD T80 Universal Transmitter

        T80 Universal Transmitter

        T80 Universal Transmitter

        Process and plant engineers in search of a powerful process analyzer for multiple analytical measurements will find that the Model T80 Universal Transmitter from Electro-Chemical Devices, Inc. provides a versatile, easy-to-use, economical solution for virtually all liquid analytical measurements.

        Featuring a highly intelligent digital transmitter protocol, the T80 Universal Transmitter simplifies process measurement and reduces maintenance costs for seven common industrial plant parameters.   Process measurement has never been easier or more affordable than with the T80’s virtually plug-and-play capabilities, which simplify daily operations and maintenance while reducing instrumentation costs simultaneously.

        The ECD Model T80 Universal Transmitter is a single channel transmitter designed for the continuous measurement of multiple parameters in a general-purpose industrial environment: pH, ORP, pION, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Conductivity or Resistivity. The Model T80 digitally communicates with any ECD Model S80 Intelligent Sensor and automatically configures the transmitter’s menus and display screens to the measured parameter. The Model T80 automatically configures to any of the listed measurements so that there is no need to inventory multiple instrument types, saving time and reducing plant operating costs.

        The T80 Universal Transmitter is flexible and user-friendly. It offers membrane switch navigation, a simple menu structure and soft key menu choices and an easy-to-read 2 ¾ -x- 1 ½ inch LCD display. The T80 accepts any S80 intelligent sensor or any standard pH, ORP or pION sensor with solution ground using the optional T80 input card. It is available with 4-20 mA output with MODBUS RTU on 24 VDC and 110/220 VAC instruments. The T80 can be configured with optional HART 7 communication and an optional three alarm relay.

          McCrometer Inc

          FPI Mag Flow Meter

          FPI Mag Flow Meter

          FPI Mag Flow Meter

          Municipal and industrial engineers will find McCrometer’s FPI Mag (Full Profile Insertion) Electromagnetic Flow Meter features the new M-Series Converter, providing excellent accuracy to ±0.5% of reading and has obtained CSA certification to UL 61010-1 and CSA C22.2 No.61010-1-04, expanding the markets and applications for this meter.

          Featuring an advanced filtering algorithm, McCrometer’s M-Series Converter supports FPI Mag Flow Meter accuracy of ±0.5% of reading from 1 to 32 ft/s and ±1% from 0.3 to 1 ft/s. The M-Series Converter offers many other new features, including built-in dual 4-20 mA outputs for communication flexibility, additional programmable outputs to support SCADA systems, and a simplified menu structure for ease of use.

          The FPI Mag installs without service interruption making it ideal for retrofits, upgrades, and maintenance projects and sites never metered before. The hot tap installation reduces installation time by eliminating the need to de-water lines or cut pipe, saving customers up to 45%.

          The FPI Mag is available for forward-flow only or a bi-directional measurement for line sizes from 4 to 138 inches. The flow sensor comes pre-calibrated from McCrometer’s NIST traceable Calibration Lab and requires no recalibration in the field.

          Typical municipal water applications for the FPI Mag include wells, booster stations, effluent, filter balancing and backwash, pumping stations, UV dosing, and potable water distribution. The product also supports applications in a wide range of industrial process plants including chemical, electric power, food/beverage, oil/gas refining, metals/mining, pulp/paper, and more.

            GF Piping Systems

            GF Piping Systems Signet 9900

            Signet 9900

            Signet 9900

            GF Piping Systems has introduced the second generation Signet 9900 Transmitter featuring a Batch Controller option, along with all the proven features of the original model.  The new Signet 9900 Transmitter (Generation II) supports multiple parameters that include flow, pH/ORP, Conductivity/Resistivity, Salinity, Temperature, Pressure, Level, and 4 to 20 mA Signals, and also Batch Systems.

            Customers can convert their second generation 9900 Transmitter to a Batch Controller System by simply plugging in the new Batch Module and Relay Module, thereby maintaining the product’s original intent of consolidating multiple platforms into one while increasing their service level and reducing inventory.

            The 9900 features an extra large (3.90” x 3.90”) auto-sensing backlit display that allows visibility at 4-5 times the distance of other transmitters.  This highly illuminated display and large characters reduce the risk of misreading or misinterpreting the displayed values.  The display shows separate lines for units, main and secondary measurements as well as a dial-type digital bar graph.  Output accuracy is ±32 μA maximum error @ 25ºC @ 24 VDC with resolution of 6 μA or better. Other capabilities include relay and warning LEDs, and an intuitive menu for easy programming.  Standards and approvals include NEMA 4X/IP65, CE, UL, CUL, RoHS and China RoHS. 

            The new 9900 Batch Control System is well suited for batch processes, filter backwash initiation, chemical addition, and canning and bottling.  Other applications fulfilled by the 9900’s multi-parameter capabilities make it ideal for water and wastewater treatment, reverse osmosis, deionization, chemical dosing and delivery, metal and plastic finishing, fume scrubbers, cooling towers, and all types of filtration.

              Fluid Components International

              Fluid Components International (FCI)

              FS10A Analyzer Flow Switch/Monitor

              FS10A Analyzer Flow Switch/Monitor

              Water and wastewater operations and plant engineers in search of a flow switch/monitor to ensure flow to their water or gas sampling systems or analyzers will find their solution in the Model FS10A Analyzer Flow Switch/Monitor from Fluid Components International (FCI). No matter how sophisticated a fluid analyzer system may be, it will be ineffective if a sample flow fails to reach the analyzer sensor. The most advanced systems in the world cannot provide accurate results without a valid fluid sample.  That’s why FCI developed the advanced FS10 Analyzer Flow/Switch Monitor.

              The FS10A Flow Switch/Monitor is designed for use with tubing from 1/8 inch to ½ inch and the electronics may be either integrally mounted or remote mounted from the sensor element.   It is extremely sensitive to low flow rate detection, there are no moving parts to foul or clog, and there are no cavities, orifices, or dead-legs to trap or contaminate samples. 

              FS10A is suitable for application in liquid or gas analyzer sampling systems.  It is small, lightweight, and features a choice of electronic outputs including open collector, relay, and       

              4-20mA outputs.  Limit alarms are user programmable for time delay and/or hysteresis.  An on-board 10-LED array provides at-a-glance visual indication to the user of flow rate and whether the alarm limit has been tripped.   All FS10A set-up parameters can be performed via its two front panel push buttons or via a PC over its RS232C I/O. Its exclusive “learn” mode facilitates easy user set-up of flow range zero and span settings. 

              Water and wastewater end-users and system integrators will find FCI’s FS10A provides an overall solution for sampling system and analyzer flow assurance. With its advanced electronics and reliable thermal dispersion flow sensing technology, it will ensure the highest integrity process analysis without interruption.


                StormTrooper AQ

                StormTrooper AQ

                The StormTrooper AQ is a patented storm water wet vault specifically designed to intercept free oils, grease, TSS, debris, and other pollutants found in storm water runoff. StormTrooper AQ features “Enhanced” Gravity Separation, which is technology utilizing coalescing media plates engineered to a performance analysis based on Stoke’s Law. This cutting-edge technology is now available for use to protect the Edwards Aquifer.


                  EXO Sonde Platform

                  EXO Sonde Platform

                  The EXO Sonde Platform is YSI’s new water quality monitoring system. The product platform consists of the EXO1 Sonde and the EXO2 Sonde, along with a handheld that connects users directly to their equipment via Bluetooth or field cables. EXO gives users a streamlined approach to data collection from the field to the lab.

                    Regenesis Bioremediation Products

                    PersulfOx2 Product Feature

                    PersulfOx Catalyzed Persulfate

                    PersulfOx Catalyzed Persulfate

                    REGENESIS, a global leader in advanced technologies for contaminated site remediation, has announced PersulfOx Catalyzed Persulfate. This new environmental technology is a patented, sodium persulfate-based in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) reagent designed specifically for groundwater and soil remediation at contaminated sites, including brownfields.

                    Traditionally, sodium persulfate has been used and activated with the addition of a separate component such as heat, chelated metals, hydrogen peroxide, or a caustic base. These activation processes are inherently complex, costly and can pose certain health and safety risks. By design, PersulfOx simplifies the activation process and reduces on-site health and safety liability by offering environmental professionals a new, all-in-one reagent with a built-in catalyst. There is no hazardous activation process, and performance is equivalent to the best alternative persulfate treatments available today. In the field, the material is easily mixed with water and applied into the contaminated area using common subsurface injection techniques or soil mixing tools.

                    Additionally, the PersulfOx catalyst further increases the product’s effectiveness by providing a microscopic heterogeneous surface where the contaminant and oxidant can converge and oxidation reactions can occur repeatedly. This unique and highly efficient “surface-mediated oxidation” process, first introduced in 2007 with RegenOx, the company’s first ISCO technology, provides several contaminant-reducing benefits, including:

                    · Increased efficiency, as it brings oxidant and contaminant together, isolating the oxidation reaction from soil matrix effects,

                    · Direct chemical oxidation,

                    · The formation of sulfate-based free radicals which in turn oxidize the contaminant, and

                    · The formation of ancillary free radicals and other oxidizing species which destroy contaminants within the contaminated matrix.

                    Further details, including the PersulfOx brochure, product specifications, and access to technical bulletins, are available at the REGENESIS website.

                      Asahi/America Inc.

                      The Asahi/America, Inc. Quarter Master (QM) Remote Cycle™.

                      QM Remote Cycle

                      QM Remote Cycle

                      Asahi/America, Inc., the leader in fluid flow solutions, introduces the Quarter Master (QM) Remote Cycle™. A complete QM Remote Cycle™ unit consists of an Asahi/America Series 94 electric actuator with self-powered battery and open/close timer mounted to a ball or butterfly valve for use in remote areas where power sources are limited or unavailable.

                      Asahi's QM Remote Cycle™ features a NEMA 4X engineered resin enclosure with stainless steel trim, on/off switch, adjustable open and interval times via dip switches, and manual override. The QM Remote Cycle's™ 12vdc rechargeable battery can cycle 1,100 times, once fully charged.

                      The QM Remote Cycle™ and Series 94 quarter-turn actuator can be mounted to Asahi/America Type-57 butterfly valves (sizes 1 1/2" – 4") and Type-21 ball valves (sizes 1/2" – 2"). Asahi/America's QM Remote Cycle™ unit provides continuous and reliable cycling in remote mining, chemical, water, and wastewater applications.

                      Asahi/America, Inc., 35 Green Street, Malden, MA 02148, toll-free 800-343-3618 or 781-321-5409, fax 800-426-7058, asahi@asahi-america.com.

                        Solinst Canada Ltd.


                        Solinst Canada Ltd.'s new version of the Levelogger water level and temperature datalogger provides a cost-effective option for groundwater or surface water monitoring applications. It has improved features, including the same durable Hastelloy pressure sensor as the Levelogger Edge, which has superior corrosion resistance, and can withstand 2 times over-pressure without permanent damage. It has an increased memory capacity of 40,000 sets of water level and temperature data points, a 5-year battery, and accuracy is 0.1% FS. Sampling is linear at a user-defined interval from 0.5 seconds to 99 hours. It has 0.05% accuracy, a 10-year battery, superior corrosion resistance and memory for up to 120,000 datapoints using the linear compressed sampling option.

                          CULTEC Inc.

                          Underground Septic Chambers

                          CULTEC Recharger and Contactor underground septic chambers offer a wastewater management alternative to concrete galleries and conventional pipe and stone systems, especially for sites with space constraints. The Recharger models are high-profile, high-capacity septic chambers. The Contactor models are lower profile, lower capacity chambers, typically used for septic installations with depth restrictions or where larger units may not be approved by the local authority. Their fully open bottoms and perforated sidewalls, along with the use of CULTEC Filter Fabric, offer greater contact with the primary leaching area, thereby delivering maximum infiltration capability. The chambers may reduce overall system size requirements by up to 50 percent when approved by the local authority.


                            Forston Labs

                            The Fracking Kit

                            The Forston Labs Fracking Kit measures increased concentrations of barium ion, chloride ion, nickel ion, sulfate ion, bromide ion, potassium ion, turbidity and changes in acidity. The Kit consists of a LabNavigator (required for all measurements), a full-range heavy-duty pH Sensor, a Turbidity Sensor, a Conductivity Sensor and a clear-language informative user’s guide for the non-chemist. It works by simply connecting one or more of the sensors to the LabNavigator, ensuring the accuracy by using one of the included non-toxic standards, dipping the sensor into a sample of well water and pressing a button which stores the test results for future use. The digital readout on the LabNavigator shows the results in an instant.

                              Abanaki Corp.

                              Vapor-Tight Groundwater System

                              Abanaki Corporation'  Vapor-Tight, Explosion Proof Groundwater Remediation System is designed to keep explosive vapors from being vented into the atmosphere. The oil skimming system consists of Abanaki's PetroXtractor belt oil skimmer equipped with explosion-proof electrical components, vapor-tight belt housing and a self-sealing, well-casing mounting clamp. Optimum removal rates are achieved using the patent-pending LFO Fuzzy2 belt made from a special oil-attracting material whose tiny hairs increase surface area and collect light hydrocarbons efficiently. Typical applications are remediating oil contamination from groundwater using existing monitoring or remediation wells. The oil skimmer wiper blades scrape oil from the belt and discharge it into an Oil Concentrator, a small gravity separator that removes any trace water from the skimmed oil. The waste oil flows out of the Concentrator into a transfer tank where a pump activated by float switches sends the oil to a customer-provided waste oil vessel.  


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