Environmental Protection

Environmental Management

Enviance Inc.


Compliance Management Software

Enviance software provides a central management system that allows users to track and report initiatives for environmental regulatory compliance. The product is designed to help users manage a large body of disparate data, including air, greenhouse gases, water, waste, and health and safety. The software generates regulatory reports, tracks regulatory limits, compares emissions and operating parameters against defined limits, and automates compliance calendars with workflows.

    Anguil Environmental Systems


    Thermal Recuperative Oxidizer

    The Anguil Thermal Oxidizer eliminates volatile organic compounds by the process of combustion. Air is preheated through the tube side of the heat exchanger and then passes through the burner, where the contaminated air is raised to 1,200 to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. When the air is raised to the thermal oxidation temperature for the specified residence time, an exothermic reaction takes place.

      PRB Environmental Group Inc


      Humic System

      PRB Environmental’s Humic System is designed to decontaminate water and soil. The product uses a permeable reactive barrier to facilitate subsurface interception, retention, and treatment of groundwater contaminants released by industrial and agricultural sources. The system is designed to operate without active pumping and to decontaminate water flowing from contaminated soil and subsurface pollutant sources. It can be used to treat viral and bacterial pathogens, as well.



        Fibox Enclosures has added transparent screw covers and hinged covers to its ARCA™ enclosure line. These features are available for five standard sizes ranging from 6 x 6 x 4-in. diameter up to 14 x 12 x 7-in. diameter. These enclosures, manufactured using injection molded polycarbonate, offer ease of customization, robustness, chemical resistance, and wide temperature range. They can be used to protect electrical and electronic equipment in industrial applications including chemical manufacturing, pulp and paper manufacturing, wastewater treatment systems, and hostile environments.

          Dresser ROOTS

          Blower Unit

          The Dresser ROOTS EasyAir X2 is a compact, pre-assembled, skid-mounted blower unit with all piping, valves, and instrumentation in place. Produced for vacuum and pressure applications, the new package features a powder-coated noise enclosure for durability and quiet operation plus easy access for service/maintenance. Significant engineering improvements have been incorporated into the design, which is based on an earlier model. The package, which is available with a range of options, also can be designed to meet customer requirements.

            Servoflo Corporation

            KFS Humidity Sensors

            Servoflo Corporation of Lexington, Mass., offers the KFS Series of humidity sensors from Hygrosens of Germany.

            The series is a relative humidity sensor using a capacitive polymer to measure humidity. Key features include excellent price-to-performance ratio, good linearity, low hysteresis, compact size, and dew resistance. The KFS Series is also stable against chemical effects.

            Measuring only 2 mm x 4 mm x 3.8 mm, the KFS-MSMD is a surface-mount version with a better signal-to-noise ratio then monolithic integrated sensors. As one of the smallest discrete humidity sensors in the world, the KFS-MSMD is priced under $7 for 1,000 pieces. This low-cost sensor is suitable for climate monitoring, HVAC, and other environmental monitoring systems.

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