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EOS 100

EOS100 is a 100 percent fermentable, water-mixable vegetable oil-based organic substrate that provides a lasting source of carbon for enhanced in-situ anaerobic bioremediation. EOS100 ships as a concentrate and readily mixes with water on a project site. Compared to our existing emulsified oil products, this new formulation is tailored to provide optimal oil retention in high K aquifers and soils with characteristically low oil retention such as fractured bedrock and sandy aquifers. 


    World Water Works, Inc.

    DEMON Nitrogen Removal Treatment System

    DEMON Nitrogen Removal Treatment System

    DEMON Nitrogen Removal Treatment System

    World Water Works’ DEMON treatment system for removal of nitrogen from wastewater provides reliable performance and numerous benefits over traditional nitrification-denitrification systems, making it ideal for municipal and industrial clients that have wastewater streams with high ammonia concentrations.

    A DEMON system can play an important role in wastewater treatment energy self-sufficiency, reducing costs, and optimizing any wastewater facility’s footprint. Other major benefits include reductions in ammonia load to the main treatment process, reduced sludge handling volumes, and less greenhouse gas production. More than thirty systems are currently operational using the patented DEMON technology, which was based on extensive academic, lab, field pilot, and full-scale experience.

    The DEMON system features ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOB), which convert half the ammonia to nitrite. A second anaerobic biological process uses Anammox bacteria to convert the combination of nitrite and remaining ammonia directly into nitrogen gas. This system reduces energy requirements by 60 percent, eliminates the need for all chemicals, and produces 90 percent less sludge. The system also features a low carbon footprint – the anaerobic process actually consumes carbon dioxide. The true key to the process success is the patented control strategy and patent pending biomass separation device that enriches the specialized slowly growing biomass. This enhances process robustness and treatment capacity.

      Bionomic Industries, Inc.




      Bionomic Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of proven air pollution abatement, product, and heat recovery technologies, has announced the first major breakthrough NOx control chemistry for a wide range of scrubber system operations and applications.

      Unlike typical NOx sulfide/caustic control chemistry, low toxicity BIONOxSOLVER will not liberate flammable and dangerous hydrogen sulfide gas at pH use conditions and its special proprietary formulation of powerful nitrogen dioxide reducing agents can achieve over 33% greater removal efficiency with a simple addition to caustic.

      Typical applications include removal of nitrogen dioxide emissions from catalyst calcining and preparation, precious metals dissolving, acid dipping and pickling of metals, silicon wafer and circuit board etching, nitrite and nitrate chemical production, medicinal production, nitric acid storage and purging, and nitrogen dioxide removal.

        Air Cycle Corp.

        Rodale Institute CDS by Air Cycle

        Rodale Institute CDS

        Rodale Institute CDS

        The Rodale Institute CDS by Air Cycle generates sanitizer and detergent from salt, water, and electricity while eliminating costs and the carbon footprint of shipping large quantities of chemicals. The system is recognized by EPA, FDA, and CDC, and produces cleaning solutions on-demand, as-needed. The units are constructed from durable 300 series stainless steel and there are models available for every facility size and application.

        The system has been EPA registered and CDC recognized as a disinfectant, which has been FDA approved for use in food processing environments. It can also be used across several markets such as hospitality, entertainment venues, healthcare, universities/schools, office buildings, agriculture, and in food service and processing.

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