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Air Cycle Corp.

The Bulb Eater by Air Cycle Corp.

The Bulb Eater

The Bulb Eater

The Bulb Eater Lamp Crusher by Air Cycle crushes spent fluorescent lamps of any length into 100% recyclable material while capturing over 99.99% of the vapors released. The system, which is mounted to a 55-gallon container, can hold up to 1350 4-foot fluorescent lamps.

The lamp crusher unit is equipped with a side-mounted dust filter unit containing the highest quality H.E.P.A. filter available. This works in conjunction with an activated carbon filter located in the steel canister. The activated carbon filter actively captures and neutralizes the mercury vapor released from the lamps during crushing.

A recent study showed non-detectable levels of escaped mercury vapor even after crushing 1500 lamps. A new safety control panel has also been added, giving the operator added security by monitoring seven aspects of the machine to better ensure operator safety.

In addition to providing EPA and OSHA compliance, the Bulb Eater Lamp Crusher frees up valuable storage space normally filled with boxes of spent whole lamps, reduces handling and related labor costs, and typically cuts recycling costs by 50% or more.

The Bulb Eater is capable of crushing straight lamps of any length, U-Tube lamps (Model VRS-U only), and even a 4-foot fluorescent lamp in a single second. The product reduces labor by 20 hours per 1,000 lamps, saves up to 50% on recycling costs, and minimizes storage space by 80%.

    Neptune Chemical Pump Co. Inc.

    Abaque Series Peristaltic Pumps by Neptune Chemical Pump Co.

    Abaque Series Peristaltic Pumps

    Abaque Series Peristaltic Pumps

    Neptune Chemical Pump Co. is pleased to announce the addition of the Abaque Series Peristaltic (Hose) Pump product line to its portfolio for the Americas. All Abaque Series pumps sold in the Americas will now be manufactured and shipped from PSG’s Neptune facility in North Wales, PA. The move is being made to better align the Abaque line with other PSG products and services that address the same primary market segments. The Abaque pumps are still available in 9 different models/sizes—from the AB10 to the AB100—with flow rates ranging from .07 to 211 gpm (.015-48 m3/hr).

    The Abaque Series pumps feature a seal-free design that eliminates leaks and product contamination, which enables them to handle a wide array of challenging pumping applications in the oil and gas, chemical process, industrial and municipal water treatment, paint and coatings, and mining industries. The pumps, which can run in either forward or reverse, are self-priming and offer suction-lift capabilities to 29.5 feet, as well as the ability to run dry continuously without adversely affecting the pump’s performance. Ductile-iron and steel construction enables the pump to offer maximum discharge pressures as high as 217 psi.

    Abaque Series pumps can be ordered as bare-shaft pumps or with a variety of drive options. Standard drive configurations include C-face gear reducer or C-face gear reducer with TEFC, explosion-proof or single-phase motors.

      Fluid Components International

      Fluid Components International (FCI)

      FS10A Analyzer Flow Switch/Monitor

      FS10A Analyzer Flow Switch/Monitor

      Water and wastewater operations and plant engineers in search of a flow switch/monitor to ensure flow to their water or gas sampling systems or analyzers will find their solution in the Model FS10A Analyzer Flow Switch/Monitor from Fluid Components International (FCI). No matter how sophisticated a fluid analyzer system may be, it will be ineffective if a sample flow fails to reach the analyzer sensor. The most advanced systems in the world cannot provide accurate results without a valid fluid sample.  That’s why FCI developed the advanced FS10 Analyzer Flow/Switch Monitor.

      The FS10A Flow Switch/Monitor is designed for use with tubing from 1/8 inch to ½ inch and the electronics may be either integrally mounted or remote mounted from the sensor element.   It is extremely sensitive to low flow rate detection, there are no moving parts to foul or clog, and there are no cavities, orifices, or dead-legs to trap or contaminate samples. 

      FS10A is suitable for application in liquid or gas analyzer sampling systems.  It is small, lightweight, and features a choice of electronic outputs including open collector, relay, and       

      4-20mA outputs.  Limit alarms are user programmable for time delay and/or hysteresis.  An on-board 10-LED array provides at-a-glance visual indication to the user of flow rate and whether the alarm limit has been tripped.   All FS10A set-up parameters can be performed via its two front panel push buttons or via a PC over its RS232C I/O. Its exclusive “learn” mode facilitates easy user set-up of flow range zero and span settings. 

      Water and wastewater end-users and system integrators will find FCI’s FS10A provides an overall solution for sampling system and analyzer flow assurance. With its advanced electronics and reliable thermal dispersion flow sensing technology, it will ensure the highest integrity process analysis without interruption.


        LiteEarth Capping System

        LiteEarth Capping System

        LiteEarth is an impermeable capping system for the long-term cover of landfills, coal ash, gypsum deposits, and land reclamation projects. LiteEarth utilizes proven components and design to save money, resources, time and the environment. The system permanently combines the latest synthetic turf with EPDM geomembrane into a lightweight, single-ply composite. The impermeable EPDM membrane offers flexibility and durability to resist cracking and easily conform to the terrain.

        Synthetic grass provides natural looking cover 24/7/365 days a year, and eliminates costly and environmentally damaging fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and mower exhausts required for natural grass maintenance. The composite is delivered to project site in pre-manufactured size and length specifications, and only layout, positioning, and seaming is necessary on site. This patent pending system is the only EPDM-synthetic grass composite of its kind.


          Walchem Opti-Check Fluorometer

          Opti-Check Fluorometer

          Opti-Check Fluorometer

          For years, Walchem has offered the WebMasterONE control in conjunction with Turner Designs Little Dipper online fluorometer, to accurately measure and control the concentration of scale or corrosion inhibitors in cooling tower and boiler applications. Now the Opti-Check fluorometer is available to ensure that the calibration of the online sensor is accurate. A low cost PTSA version, and an affordable PTSA/Fluorescein version, is available.

          The Opti-Check handheld fluorometer requires low maintenance, is easy to use, and comes in a durable dustproof, watertight (IP 67) package. The product is sensitive to less than 1 ppb of fluorescent dye and provides better control of treatment chemicals.


            The FilterSense Model PM 100 is a multi-channel particulate monitor.

            Model PM 100

            Model PM 100


              Valco Instruments Co. Inc.

              Model DV22 Mini Diaphragm Valve

              Model DV22 Mini Diaphragm Valve

              VICI’s Microvolume Diaphragm Valve by Valco Instuments, Co. Inc. (VICI) is designed for trouble-free use in applications that require minimal maintenance and maximum lifetime, making it the ideal choice for the process industry, automated lab analyzers, and continuous-monitoring environmental analyses. Three configurations are available: a 4 port internal loop sample injector, a 6 port external loop sampling/switching valve, and the industry’s first 10 port multifunctional diaphragm valve.

              Lifetime for the DV22 can exceed 1,000,000 cycles at ambient temperature/300 psi or 500,000 cycles at 175°C/300 psi. The standard valve is for applications in which the sample is above ambient pressure, but it can also be used with sub-ambient pressures, such as when the sample is pulled through the valve by vacuum.

              Actuator air (40-50 psi) is supplied to a side port with 10-32 female threads, permitting use of a variety of compression or barbed fittings. A 3-way solenoid is required for actuation, which may be ordered separately.Maintenance procedures are greatly simplified, since the valve is held together by a single screw and locating pins insure proper alignment.

                Bingham & Taylor

                Bingham and Taylor Sealed System

                Valve Box Sealed System

                Valve Box Sealed System

                The Sealed System by Bingham & Taylor consists of a Valve Box Stabilizer and a Debris Trap, which are available together, or separately. The Stabilizer has the highest versatility, fitting all round valve box bells and bases, for use with either cast iron or plastic valve boxes. It is highly effective in preventing the intrusion of dirt, backfill, or sand from below.

                The patented design assures proper alignment of the valve box and protection of the valve. It also assures that all “down” force is transferred to the back filled area, rather than to the buried valve or pipe. It eliminates the need to “block up” the valve box.

                The Debris Trap component of the Valve Box Sealed System was engineered to eliminate maintenance and service issues caused by debris intrusion through and around the valve box top over time. The Debris Trap design is also responsible for the system being “no vac” because it eliminates the need to vacuum out the box prior to actuating the valve.

                The Debris Trap is designed to fit domestic and imported valve boxes, both plastic and cast iron. It is manufactured from utility grade ABS plastic, which is ideal for applications that demand high surface hardness, rigidity, impact strength and overall toughness for utility maintenance products.

                The Bingham & Taylor “No Vac” Debris Traps are manufactured in yellow and black, paintable and markable with standard indelible markers, and are proudly manufactured in the USA.

                  Plasma Etch

                  Plasma Etch Magna Series

                  Magna Series

                  Magna Series

                  Plasma Etch, Inc. has developed a technology called the Magna Series(patent pending) that eliminates the need of CF4 gas that is presently used by printed circuit board manufacturers throughout the world with the use of plasma etching systems for desmear and etchback processing applications.

                  The Magna Series Technology is a great achievement and advancement in the protection of the global environment and preservation of our ozone layer. The new product eliminates the need of CF4 gases, does not require the use of O2 bottles, and uses less power than traditional plasma etching systems that are currently in use.

                  Plasma Etch reports the Magna Series has also set new market standards in several other key areas. The new technology provides faster etch times, lower operating cost, and process uniformity that is not achievable by using existing technologies.

                    General Monitors

                    General Monitors SM100 Sampling Pump Module

                    SM100 Sampling Pump Module

                    SM100 Sampling Pump Module

                    The new SM100 Sampling Pump Module from General Monitors draws combustible or toxic gases at 0.05 to 1 LPM from monitored areas to a gas detector, making it easier and more cost effective to measure potentially hazardous gases in areas that are too remote, inaccessible, cold, hot, or wet for direct sensor monitoring.

                    The user-friendly SM100 Sampling Pump Module supplies gas for up to three gas detectors, which is useful for monitoring multiple gases in a single line. The SM100 features a low flow indicator that informs the end user if flow is insufficient for gas detection. The product also includes a trouble relay that provides a local signal indication of the low flow condition.

                    The SM100 Sampling Pump Module reduces plant operating costs by simplifying operation and maintenance. The product’s rugged design and 316-stainless steel construction make it suitable for gas detection service in a variety of harsh industrial environments. Areas particularly suited for monitoring with the SM100 include ducts carrying combustible or toxic gas, wet wells, sewage dryers, printing drying ovens, and storage tanks.

                    The SM100 is available in two configurations, an aspirated model that is used with a compressed air source and a DC pump module. The aspirated model is designed for use with instrument grade aspirator air, up to a max aspirator pressure of 30 psig (206 kPa).

                    The SM100 operates at a wide temperature range of -4°F to +131°F (-20°C to +55°C) and at a humidity range of 15-95% RH, non-condensing. Its enclosure is C-UL-US approved and designed for use in Class I, Div. 1, Groups A, B, C & D.

                      General Tools and Instruments

                      General Tools Refrigerant Leak Detector

                      Digital Refrigerant Leak Detector

                      Digital Refrigerant Leak Detector

                      The new Digital Refrigerant Leak Detector (RLD400) from General Tools & Instruments has a proprietary semiconductor sensor, and is built to detect all commercially available HFC, HFO, HC, HCFC, and CFC refrigerant gases, including many new ozone layer-friendly blends, such as R-22 and R-1234yf, approved under the EPA’s Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP).

                      This instrument is ideal for inspecting and maintaining mobile and stationary air conditioners, refrigerators, chillers, and heat pumps. It meets SAE J2791 and J2913 standards and European standard EN14624. The RLD400 effectively pinpoints leaks, providing these benefits:

                      · Prevents compressor, evaporator, and condenser damage caused by air and moisture entering a system.

                      · Saves money by precluding repeated system recharges and inefficient cooling operation.

                      · Helps large system operators meet U.S. Clean Air Act leak repair timetable standards.

                      · Inhibits further depletion of the ozone layer.

                      The RLD400’s lifespan of its proprietary semiconductor sensor is more than 300 hours of operation or 10 years of normal use. A true mechanical pump draws in samples, which increases sensitivity. Three sensitivity levels let users choose the right level for specific environments. Triple-redundant leak indication—a loud, fast beep; a bright flashing LED; and a relative digital leak size readout—make it easy to identify and characterize leaks in any setting.

                      The RLD400’s automatic calibration and reset ensures accurate leak readings not distorted by ambient levels. In addition, a leak test vial containing a refrigerant sample allows users to easily confirm the instrument is operating correctly. And with its durable construction and padded hard plastic carrying case, the RLD400 is built to survive punishing tasks and harsh environments.


                        StormTrooper AQ

                        StormTrooper AQ

                        The StormTrooper AQ is a patented storm water wet vault specifically designed to intercept free oils, grease, TSS, debris, and other pollutants found in storm water runoff. StormTrooper AQ features “Enhanced” Gravity Separation, which is technology utilizing coalescing media plates engineered to a performance analysis based on Stoke’s Law. This cutting-edge technology is now available for use to protect the Edwards Aquifer.

                          ERA Environmental Management Solutions

                          Sustainability Management Dashboard & Virtual Manager

                          Sustainability Management Dashboard & Virtual Manager

                          This web-based sustainability dashboard gives environmental managers and executives a snapshot of their entire operation’s environmental footprint, including greenhouse gases, air and waste emissions, energy usage, VOCs and air pollutants, and other customizable Key Performance Indicators. The dashboard empowers managers to track and manage their sustainability projects and chart continuous improvement efforts.


                            EXO Sonde Platform

                            EXO Sonde Platform

                            The EXO Sonde Platform is YSI’s new water quality monitoring system. The product platform consists of the EXO1 Sonde and the EXO2 Sonde, along with a handheld that connects users directly to their equipment via Bluetooth or field cables. EXO gives users a streamlined approach to data collection from the field to the lab.

                              Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

                              TRACE 1300 Series Gas Chromatograph

                              TRACE 1300 Series Gas Chromatograph

                              The TRACE 1300 Series Gas Chromatograph has innovated completely the use of this range of analytical instruments in routine laboratories. It is the first and only gas chromatograph on the market that makes the fundamental instrument components (injectors and detectors) available as user-installable, plug-in, “Instant Connect” modules, allowing users to rapidly adapt the instrument configuration to new applications and/or workload requirements.

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