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RIDGID, a subsidiary of Emerson

Utility Locator

With the RIDGID® SeekTech® SR-60, users can find metallic lines at the broad frequency range of 10 Hz to 490 kHz and can tune the frequency 1 Hz at a time, allowing the unit to be used with any pre-set frequency transmitter. The unique passive search mode can be used to search all broadband passive frequencies at once. The device has an easy-to-read display that maps the signal, providing a view of the line direction, depth, and signal strength in real time.

    Moore Industries

    Humidity and Temperature

    The HTZ Smart HART® Humidity and Temperature Transmitter from Moore Industries simultaneously measures temperature and humidity in closely monitored processes, such as those found in clean rooms, assembly areas, and storage facilities at pharmaceutical, semiconductor, food processing, and biotechnology facilities. HART communications allows the unit to be programmed or queried from any point along one of the transmitter’s dual 4-20mA loops. Accuracy of the relative humidity measurements is up to ±0.75%RH, the temperature measurements is up to ±0.036°C, and the dewpoint calculation is within ±0.5°C.

      KSB Aktiengesellschaft

      High Pressure Pump

      KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal (Germany) has developed a high-pressure pump type series intended primarily for use in small to medium-sized installations of hotels and large ships. These pumps have the desalination capacity of up to 10,000 cubic meters of water a day, with a discharge head of up to 800 meters and a maximum flow rate of 850 cubic meters per hour. It features an axial inlet, ceramic bearing, and a hydraulically optimized design.

        Fluid Components International

        Thermal Mass Flow Meter

        The new ST50 Remote Mount Flow Meter from Fluid Components International features an intelligent, no-moving parts thermal mass flow sensor design. It measures air flow from 1 to 125 SFPS, nitrogen from 1 to 150 SFPS, and compressed air from 4 to 400 SFPS. Accuracy is +1% of reading, +0.5% of full scale, with repeatability of +0.5% of reading. This meter is designed to work in crowded equipment or hazardous plant areas where explosives, flammable, or toxic gases may be present.

          Photon Control

          Optical Flow Meter

          Photon Control's Focus® Probe optical flow meters are measuring flow rates of biogas at sewage digesters in Vancouver. The methane-rich biogas posed a problem for conventional flow meters. Using optical laser beams to measure the velocity of naturally occurring particulates, the device determines flow despite pipe vibration, acoustic noise, and gas condensation. Featuring a high turn-down ratio of 1000:1, the device provides a source of data to help optimize sewage digestion, control biogas production, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

            GE Water

            Pressurized Membranes

            GE Water of Trevose, Pa., has expanded its family of ZeeWeed ultrafiltration products with the introduction of the ZeeWeed 1500. The new pressurized module is suitable for use in water treatment, tertiary filtration, and pretreatment for brackish and seawater desalination. Key features include low-fouling PVDF membrane chemistry, outside-in filtration, an ultrafiltration barrier, and high solids tolerance. As a lower-cost pressurized system offering simplified construction, quick installation, and high quality water treatment, the new product is well suited for projects in emerging markets worldwide.

              Danfoss Drives

              Variable Frequency Drive

              Danfoss Drives’ VLT® Micro Drive is now available in an M4-frame size covering the three-phase 380 – 480 VAC, 15 – 20 HP range. The M4 is 250-mm tall (292 mm with flange) x 125-mm wide x 241-mm deep. They feature conformal-coated PCBs per IEC 60721-3-3, class 3C3, and provide serial communication via RS 485 Modbus RTU and FC protocols. It features a detachable local control panel with or without a potentiometer, a copy function, and a panel-front mounting kit.


                Metals Recovery

                Eriez® combines magnetic separation and metal sorting technology with the introduction of the EcoTowerSort™, a compact machine that can be used to sort aluminum, stainless steel, copper cables, and heavy fractions as well as stainless steel and plastic coated wires. Top to bottom, a typical EcoTowerSort configuration consists of a Rare Earth Drum Magnet, Eddy Current Separator, ProSort Metal Sorter, and Inductive Sensor Air Sorter. Input material is sorted on-line into several output streams, preventing a repeated material input and ensuring suitable material distribution.

                  Westcott Distribution

                  Dispensing Pumps

                  The GoatThroatTM Pump series are suited for use with 275-gallon totes, providing a safe way to dispense liquids without raising the tote for gravity feed. The new system features a standpipe that attaches to the existing fitting on the tote. Small amounts of pressure (4 psi) are added to the standpipe rather than the whole container. These pumps deliver liquids with no spills or leaks. Made in the United States, the pumps meet RoHS and US FDA food safe requirements.

                    MIDAC Corporation

                    Gas Analyzers

                    MIDAC’s Titan-OL systems provide real-time, multi-component extractive gas phase analysis for on-line and continuous multi-point analysis. These systems include a rugged industrial FTIR spectrometer system, gas cell(s), sample manifold, valve control electronics, and software. The company's fiber optic distribution electronics provide a single hub for temperature, pressure, mass flow, external alarm, and optical switching signals and can accommodate up to four 12-port manifolds for a total of 48 sample, purge and calibration lines. The systems are fully automated with MIDAC’s AutoQuant Pro™ software package.

                      Casella USA

                      Air Sampling Pumps

                      The TUFF™ line of personal air sampling pumps from Casella USA features a sealed case with rubber over-molding that protects internal electronics from moisture, extreme temperatures, solvents, and impact. Offering a flow range from 5 ml/min to 4.5 l/min, the three pumps that comprise the new line are suited to occupational health applications such as simple abatement sampling or specialized industrial hygiene monitoring of dusts, fumes, and vapors. All pumps incorporate a double-acting diaphragm pump mechanism with precise digital control, providing real-time flow control and stability.

                        Bord Na Mona

                        Biofiltration Odor Control

                        The MÓNASHELL Biofiltration System uses harmless bacteria that reside on the shell media to treat sulfur compounds without chemical or nutrient addition. The media contains high levels of CaCO3 and neutralizes acid byproducts of sulfide oxidation. The waste airstream is directed into recirculating water, ensuring contact between selected microorganisms and odorous compounds, such as those found in wastewater pumping stations, wastewater treatment works, sludge-handling, municipal solid waste and composting centers

                          Badger Meter

                          Fire Service Meters

                          Badger Meter, Inc., has earned NSF-61 certification for its 3-inch to 10-inch Fire Series Meters; 4-inch to 12-inch Fire Series Assemblies with disc series, and turbo series bypass meters; and the 8-inch Combo Meter Assembly. These meters are used in a secondary line dedicated to fire protection or as part of a primary, multi-use system providing fire service protection and potable water for domestic and/or industrial process applications. Features include mainline turbine meter, tamper-resistant calibration ring, and fusion-bonded, epoxy-coated fire service strainer/flow conditioner.

                            General Monitors

                            Gas Detector Calibration

                            Model S4000CH Combustible Gas Detector owners can calibrate this device with the new Automatic Remote Gas Calibrator from General Monitors. The unit, which allows calibration gas to be applied to the catalytic bead sensor from easily accessible locations, consists of a remote gas calibrator and a solenoid valve. The device blocks ambient air and redirects the calibration gas to the catalytic bead sensor for calibration or testing sensor accuracy. It can calibrate gases at wind velocities as high as 50 mph and maximum temperatures of 75°C.

                              Petrolab Company


                              The Grabner Miniflash is US D.O.T.-approved for the transportation classification of solids and liquids. The technology (ASTM D6450 & D7094) replaces older, methods like Pensky Martens (D93) and TAG (D56). It uses no open flames, and the 1.0 mL sample size is ideal for small test batches, which practically eliminates hazardous fumes and dramatically reduces laboratory wastes. Temperature ranges from: -25° to 400°C (-13° to 750°F). The unit is lightweight and portable and can be powered from a vehicle battery for both on-site and laboratory applications.

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