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Red Valve Co.

Control Pinch Valve

Red Valve’s Series 5200 control pinch valve is designed to provide accurate, repeatable control of abrasive and corrosive slurries. The elastomer sleeve produces a smooth venturi flow path that outlasts gate, plug, ball and stellite-coated control valves. The reinforced elastomer sleeve is the only wetted part of the valve, which eliminates the need for packing, valve seats and mechanical parts. The cone sleeve trim throttles applications for tighter control and range.

    General Monitors

    Toxic Gas Detector

    The TS4000H Intelligent Toxic Gas Detector from General Monitors is compatible with HART communication protocol. The detector offers protection against a wide range of hazardous industrial gases, including chlorine and hydrogen chloride, and is able to safeguard against oxygen deficiency. Designed for use in waste and wastewater treatment sites, the device features event logs, an LED display and explosion-proof housing. The system displays gas concentrations up to 500 ppm, fault codes for troubleshooting, and prompting when calibration is needed.

      Watson-Marlow Bredel

      Peristaltic Pumps

      Watson-Marlow’s 520, 620 and 720 Series of cased peristaltic pumps are NEMA-4X-rated with certified PROFIBUS DP networking capabilities. With two-way real-time communications, the tubing pump skid systems require minimal ancillary equipment and no back pressure regulators, de-gassing valves, strainers or pulsation dampeners. The skid systems deliver an accuracy of +/- .5 percent.

        Dow Water and Process Solutions

        Arsenic Removal

        Dow Water & Process Solutions ADSORBSIATM As500 is a non-regenerable single-use product for the removal of arsenic. It is stronger, reduces turbidity, and has fewer backwash requirements than the previously released media. The product meets the California Total Threshold Limits as well as TCLP and Calif. WET tests. The nano-crystalline structure provides faster kinetics, allowing smaller diameter vessels and system footprint. It removes arsenic across a wide pH range, without the use of pretreatment.

          Geoprobe Systems

          Direct Push Machine

          The Model 7822DT subsurface machine from Geoprobe Systems has direct push functions and geotechnical capabilities. Features include a GH64 hammer with modular percussion power cell technology and integrated two-speed bidirectional rotation. The rear stabilizer contains a drop rack system, which allows operators to move accessories and tools weighing up to 2,000 lbs. Three auxiliary hydraulic power ports can be controlled by an operator via the control panel.

            Griswold Pump Co.

            Turbine Pumps

            Griswold Pump’s Vertical Turbine Series pumps are designed for a wide range of applications found in crop irrigation, city water supplies and deep-well dewatering projects. The pump drive is available with vertical hollow or solid shafts, electric motor drive, or right-angle gear drive. Discharge heads are cast for aboveground discharge, and pump bowls are available in 6- to 24-inch diameters. The pumps offer product-lubricated or oil-lubricated line shaft construction.

              Red Valve Co.

              Rubber Products

              The Redflex® line of rubber products from Red Valve supplies expansion joints, reducers, fittings, elbows, ductwork connections and vibration pipes. The products are made to conform to all FSA guidelines. Parts can be custom-built to compensate for offset flanges, special face-to-face dimensions or unique configurations. Sizes range from 1- to 108-inches.


                Cavity Metering Pumps

                The MDP series of progressive cavity metering pumps from Seepex features a rotating unit made from Xytel ST801. The unit is injection-molded as a single piece. The pumps provide pulse-free metering of low- to medium-viscosity fluids with repeatable accuracy up to ±1 percent. The pumps are available in four sizes with capacities from 0.1 to 580 l/h and pressures to 12 bar. They can be equipped with an electric motor containing an integrated frequency inverter and forced ventilation.

                  Fluid Metering Inc.

                  Dispensing and Metering

                  Fluid Metering’s Smooth-flo PDS100 System is a valve-less dispensing and metering system that uses dual pumps to eliminate pulsation. Pump heads are mounted to the control unit, which includes stepper motors, drivers and programmable electronics housed in an anodized aluminum enclosure. The product is menu-driven and uses front-panel membrane switches and a large LCD display for programming. The system features pulse-free fluid delivery down to 15 uL per minute continuous flow.


                    Drum Skimmer

                    Elastec drum skimmers are designed to handle multiple types of petroleum spills, from jet fuel to crude oil. The skimmers recover oil by rotating a drum through the oil-water interface. Oil sticks to the drum surface and is recovered inside the floating head. These drum skimmers respond to vegetable oil and bio-fuel spills as well, and are effective in recovering pollutants in marine environments and industrial pits.

                      EXAIR Co.

                      Air Knife

                      EXAIR’s Type 316 Stainless Steel Super Air Knife is designed for blocking harmful vapors and fumes on plating operations, blowing corrosive chemicals off parts, drying pharmaceutical products, and cooling hot materials such as molten glass, castings and molded parts. The uniform sheet of high-velocity air pulls in surrounding room air and amplifies it at a ratio of 40:1. The product can withstand temperatures up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit and contains no moving parts.

                        Pressure Pipe Inspection Company

                        Pipeline Condition Assessment

                        PPIC’s PipeDiver™ is a pipeline condition assessment tool that provides information about the condition of pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipelines. The free-swimming tool collects data about the integrity of the pipeline. Dewatering is not required, so pipelines can remain in service during inspection. The system uses remote field transformer coupling technology, and detects pre-stressed wire breaks that could lead to pipe ruptures.

                          Casella USA

                          Portable Monitoring Station

                          The Nomad portable data-logging weather station by Casella USA monitors wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, dew point and rainfall. A built-in solar panel supplies power and allows the device to run continuously in remote environments. The system’s data-logger has 512 K of internal memory and on-board data display. Users can communicate with the station via laptop, telephone or radio modem. The aluminum-based Nomad system weighs less than 30 lbs. and is supplied in three customized carrying bags.

                            Farr Air Pollution Control

                            Dust Collector

                            Farr’s Gold Series GS4M Mini dust collector controls emissions from small airflow applications up to 2,000 cfm. The collector is a pre-wired unit with a low-noise fan (less than 70 dB), controls, motor starter, filters and cleaning system. It contains four HemiPleat® flame-retardant filter cartridges with 788 square feet of media. The automatic, reverse-pulse cleaning system is activated by an on-demand control panel. A safety monitoring filter is included to allow recirculation of the filtered air downstream for energy savings.

                              United Electric Controls

                              Electronic Pressure and Temperature Switches

                              One Series explosion-proof electronic pressure and temperature switches by United Electric Controls are designed for plant safety alarm and shutdown applications that require a switch. The switches provide programmable adjustments, 0.1-percent repeatability, and do not require calibration. The units can be integrated into a safety instrumented system and are suitable for SIL1 applications. The series offers on-board diagnostics for each unit.

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