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Romtec Utilities

Romtec Utilities Fiberglass Wet Wells and Valve Vaults

Fiberglass Structures

Romtec Utilities’ fiberglass wet wells and valve vaults are designed for pre-engineered pump stations. The underground tanks require no field assembly and are designed to receive influent and discharge pipes, submersible or dry pit pumps and liquid level sensing devices. The units can be positioned vertically or horizontally. The fiberglass construction is not degraded by hydrogen sulfide gas present in sewage and will not break down from exposure to petrochemicals, acids or caustic fluids.


    Aquionics OpenLine UV Treatment System

    UV Treatment Systems

    Aquionics’ OpenLine open-channel UV treatment system is equipped with low-pressure high-output amalgam lamps. The system treats secondary wastewater flows over a wide range of flows and UV transmittances. The AF-3 Series features LPHO amalgam lamps with a maximum output of 500 watts. The units use the full lamp output for high flow per kW system efficiency.

      Asahi/America Inc.

      Asahi/America Butterfly Valve

      Butterfly Valves

      Asahi/America’s butterfly valves operate at 110 psi at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The 16- to 24-inch valves feature molded plastic and wafer style ANSI B 16.5 non-wetted PDCPD bodies with polypropylene or PVDF discs. Industry-standard ISO top flange mounting patterns facilitate gear operator or actuator mounting. The valves are available in EPDM and FKM seal versions.

        VUEWorks Inc.

        VUEWorks Inc Asset Management Software

        Asset Management Software

        The VUEWorks 2009 Web-based GIS asset and work management software incorporates condition assessment, risk analysis, valuation, budget forecasting and project cost estimating. The product enables municipalities, utilities and other organizations to track an asset’s condition, minimize failure risk, prioritize expenditures and service delivery of physical assets. Facilities and individual assets, including pump stations, treatment plants, pumps, valves and switches, can be hierarchically structured down to the individual asset level and linked to GIS assets.

          KROHNE Inc.

          KROHNE Waterflux 3070 Water Meter

          Water Meter

          KROHNE’s Waterflux 3070 electromagnetic water meter features a 15-year battery life and is suitable for applications where no power is available. The unit’s short inlet and outlet installation requirements allow it to fit in narrow wells and chambers. The device functions as a magnetic-inductive meter, with a low pressure drop. The meter integrates with a GSM module for remote transmission of measurement data and status information.

            Thompson Pump and Mfg.

            Electric Pump

            Thompson Pump’s 4JSVC-EBS-40 heavy-duty electric driven pump eliminates product blow-by. The unit offers large solids handling capabilities, ideal flows of 1,175 gallons per minute and high heads to 150 feet. The pump is designed for bypass and construction dewatering applications.

              Koch Membrane Systems Inc.

              Koch Membrane Systems Reverse Osmosis

              Reverse Osmosis System

              Koch Membrane Systems’ MegaMagnum reverse osmosis and nanofiltration system uses spiral-wound membrane elements to reduce the complexity, footprint and installation time of municipal and industrial water treatments. The system’s pre-engineered skids are available in four configurations with nominal flow capacities ranging from 0.5 to 2 million gallons per day. The system mounts on one or two skids, depending on capacity.


                SolarBee Solar Powered Water Circulator

                Water Circulator

                SolarBee’s solar powered floating water circulator is designed to minimize aeration equipment run-time in wastewater and industrial water reservoirs. A low-voltage motor and on-board battery system supply power to the unit. The product’s circulation technology creates a near-laminar flow pattern that mixes the water column and improves distribution of dissolved oxygen. The mixing improves regulatory compliance by reducing biochemical oxygen demand, total suspended solids, ammonia, odors and sludge buildup.

                  Inge watertechnologies AG

                  Inge watertechnologies AG Multibore Membrane

                  Multibore Membrane

                  Inge watertechnologies’ Multibore membranes are designed to withstand fiber breakage. The permeable units provide high rates of virus and bacteria retention and are resistant under heavy loads. The membranes offer retention levels for MS2 phages greater than log 4, which corresponds to a 99.9 percent retention rate. The units’ high permeability decreases the required amount of transmembrane pressure for treatment plant operations. The membranes are designed for ultrafiltration processes and drinking water purification.

                    Campbell Scientific

                    pH Probe

                    Campbell Scientific’s CS525 submersible ISFET pH Probe provides measurements in aqueous or semi-solid solutions and can be placed in tanks, pipelines and open channels. Its silver/silver-chloride potassium chloride reference system allows the probe to be used in liquids containing high solids, aggressive chemicals or biological materials. The device uses Sentron’s ion-sensitive field-effect transistor semiconductor as its pH-sensitive element.

                      Wilden Pump and Engineering Co.

                      Mag-drive Pumps

                      Wilden’s T-Mag Mag-Drive pumps feature patented fluid paths that surround the pump’s bushing, which prevent heat buildup that can damage or disable the shaft bushing. The pumps offer high-performance magnetic coupling and a buffer designed to absorb vibration and shock. Computerized fluid dynamics control the product's stream pattern.

                        Enpro Technologies

                        Polymer Activation System

                        Enpro’s ParaDyne liquid polymer activation system strips oil from oil-phase continuous polymer emulsions and hydrates polymer molecules. The system’s impeller disc is designed with multiple vanes that extend from the inlet and outlet. The vanes are recessed and tapered in two axes, providing rapid blending and shear of the solution through the system’s inversion zone. The system can blend a 0.1- to 1-percent concentration of homogenous polymer solution with water.

                          Smith and Loveless

                          Grit Removal System

                          The PISTA 360 grit removal system from Smith and Loveless is designed to increase velocity during low-flow periods and maintain grit capture during surges. The device’s v-force baffle is positioned in a 360-degree, flat-floor grit chamber that creates a forced vortex for capturing grit at all flows. The baffle design serves as a water level control device.

                            MWH Soft

                            Urban Drainage Analysis

                            MWH Soft’s V8 InfoSWMM design program provides urban drainage network analysis. The GIS-integrated software’s management functions include water quality assessment, pollution prediction, sediment transport, urban flooding, real time control and record keeping. The product is designed to help users manage urban runoff and wet weather water quality problems in combined, sanitary and storm sewers.

                              Metrohm USA

                              Particle-into-liquid Sampler

                              Metrohm’s 850 IC system and particle-into-liquid sampler tests air pollution by providing quasi-continuous measurements of inorganic compounds in ambient air. The system removes gas-phase compounds, and the remaining aerosol particles are dissolved to water via a supersaturated steam phase. The liquid sample is then transferred to the IC system for analysis. The unit provides a high temporal resolution of measurements, allowing users to record changes in the ionic composition of ambient air.

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