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MIDAC Corporation


Air Monitoring System

The MIDAC open path FTIR Air Monitoring System detects, identifies and measures a wide range of key contaminants simultaneously. Analysis is onsite through a continuous sampling path of up to 1,000 meters. Each system includes an interferometer equipped with a choice of beamsplitters and detectors. The analyzer is coupled to a control PC via standard ribbon cable or long-range fiber optic link. For extended sample paths, the system can be mounted to a rugged, 10-inch Newtonian telescope with tripod.

    Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.


    FT-IR Sampling Solutions

    Thermo Fisher Scientific’s FT-IR sampling solutions provide a cost-effective approach to characterizing the chemical composition of biological systems, such as lipids, in algae. The easy-to-use solutions combine instrumentation, accessories and software to increase the number of biological samples that can be analyzed with automated spectroscopy. Industry professionals can choose from among four different configurations capitalizing on ATR spectroscopy, transmission spectroscopy, reflectance spectroscopy and infrared microscopy to suit varying analytical requirements and sample preparation methods.

      Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.


      Temperature pH Meters

      The Thermo Scientific Orion Star LogR Meters uses the resistance across the bulb to provide a new method for electrode analysis and determine sample temperature. The resistance information can be used to detect errors in the electrode. The meters allow for temperature-compensated pH readings without the use of a separate temperature input. The meter is available in a version with pH input and another with pH and ion-selective electrode inputs.

        Gardner Denver Nash


        Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

        GD Nash’s 2BE4 series vacuum pumps and compressors are a redesign and upgrade to the 2BE3 series. New additions include optimized inlet and discharge porting for enhanced performance, cylindrical roller bearings (upgrade is possible in existing pumps and compressors), optional lobe purge piping and drop-in replacement for existing installations. Inlet bypass piping is not required in most installations, and the series is available in cast iron and stainless steel construction.

          Danfoss Drives


          VFD Insurance Program

          Danfoss Drives’ DrivePro-tection insurance program for the VLT AQUA Variable Frequency Drives covers the cost of damage from lightning strikes and other line anomalies, load anomalies, accidental exposure to moisture or corrosives and accidental physical damage resulting from collision from the time the units are shipped from the factory. Coverage is available for new and installed drives for up through six years. Local authorized service partner companies provide onsite support and services cover replacement drive material, drive repair labor, travel expense and freight costs.

            Petrolab Company


            Fuel Analyzer

            Petrolab Company’s Grabner IROX FTIR Analyzer delivers fast, accurate and portable fuel testing. The mid-infrared spectrum is measured to provide comprehensive fuel composition information. More than 30 different components and parameters such as octane and cetane numbers, RVP and distillation properties are assessed. Analyzers do not need initial separation of chemical compounds, advanced analytical training to operate or in-depth application knowledge on petrochemical testing. It also monitors biofuels content and reports octane and cetane numbers in fuels from various feedstock.

              KIN-TEK Laboratories Inc.


              Gas Blending System

              KIN-TEK’s AutoBlend is a computer-controlled, multi-channel gas blending system for supplying a continuous flow of adjustable composition test gas mixture. Applications include sensor evaluation, analytical methods development and validation, contaminant effects testing, catalyst testing, odor simulation, gas filter testing and other applications. The system uses permeation tubes to add multiple trace components to the gas mixture. It features six independently controlled permeation channels and each channel can contain up to eight compounds for a total of 48 compounds.



                Sanitary Pumps

                Moyno Sanitary Pumps are ideal for applications where bacteria and contamination must be avoided and/or frequent cleanup is required. The pumps include standard mechanical seals, and all 150 standard models meet 3A sanitary requirements with no modifications necessary. In addition, a combination close-coupled/open throat design is offered in a standard model. Features include quick disassembly for easy cleaning, no valves to clog or vapor lock, and the ability to handle thin liquids.

                  Geoprobe Systems


                  Subsurface Machine

                  Geoprobe Systems’ high-capacity 8040DT subsurface machine features a five-function combo head for installing 2-inch monitoring wells with no cuttings, performing standard penetration testing, high-capacity augering and for driving large-diameter casing. Large power allows the use of different drilling techniques including direct push, air rotary, wet rotary, overburden rotary systems and augering. Options include a coring head, pullback/breakout, and Geoprobe Drop Rack system for tool transport. The product is CE documented, and has 59,000 lbs. of downforce and 80,000 lbs. of pullback.

                    Watson-Marlow Pumps Group


                    Peristaltic Pump

                    Watson-Marlow’s 520 neat dye peristaltic pump for the pulp and paper industry has a combination of tube elements and a pumphead design that allows concentrated, neat dyes to be transferred directly to paper machines. The dye color can be changed by switching the tube element. The pumps feature patented LoadSure elements that offer easy maintenance and correct loading with no snaking, twisting or pinching. The 520 pump offers flow rates of 55 GPH at 30 psi to 7 GPH at 100 psi.

                      Tideflex Technologies


                      Inline Check Valve

                      The new Tideflex CheckMate Inline Check Valve is ideal for backflow prevention and mitigation of odors. In outfalls, stormwater, CSO and SSO applications, the valve’s custom-engineered design eliminates costly backflow from oceans, rivers and interceptors. The valves have very low headloss, which is beneficial in low lying areas. The 100 percent fabric and elastomer construction eliminates corrosion problems. Because the valve is made with a unibody construction, there are no components to catch debris, corrode or fail.

                        New Pig Corp.


                        Universal Mat with Chuck Box

                        New Pig’s Universal Mats with Chuck Boxes include heavyweight Universal PIG Mat pads, a mat dispenser, disposal bags and storage container. Constructed from 100 percent polypropylene, the mat absorbs and retains oils, coolants and water and will not leave trapped liquids or fiber residue behind. The dispenser box provides storage of and access to Mat while protecting its contents from dirt and moisture. The Chuck Box is used to store used absorbents until they can be disposed of properly.

                          Asahi/America Inc.

                          Asahi/America Catalog

                          Thermoplastic Valve and Piping Systems Catalog

                          Asahi/America’s updated 12-page Thermoplastic Valve and Piping Systems Catalog presents an overview of the company's fluid handling product lines as well as capabilities for distributors, engineers and installers. The full-color catalog highlights the advantages of using thermoplastic materials, including their corrosion-resistant properties. The catalog features specifications for valves, pneumatic and electric actuators, high purity products, industrial piping and double containment piping. In addition, the catalog outlines the company's high purity and wet process solutions.

                            CHLOR*RID International Inc.


                            Ion Meter

                            CHLOR*RID International’s Chlor*Ion Meter is a patent-pending hand-held digital testing device that electronically measures chloride with an internal ion-specific electrode. The meter tests for chloride contamination and corrosion on surfaces in workboats, highways, bridges, railroads, aircraft, ships, dams and tanks. The meter digitally measures chloride in surfaces, removing operator error caused when either the testing tube is not read correctly or results are recorded incorrectly. In addition, it eliminates the need for a glass titrator tube.

                              Control Co.


                              Vane Anemometer Pens

                              Control Company’s Traceable Vane Anemometer Pens consist of three units that can provide for airflow/temperature, airflow/temperature/humidity/dew point and airflow/temperature/ humidity /dew point/barometric pressure. The units offer high contrast 3/8-inch LCD digits, simple operation and a tough ABS plastic housing with o-ring seal and membrane keypad to keep out dust and dirt. The unit recalls minimum/maximum readings at the press of a button.

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