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Drop-in Replacement for Strantrol pH and ORP Probes

The S420 series was designed as a direct replacement for existing Strantrol pH and ORP probes. Constructed of durable CPVC, S420 probes offer improved chemical resistance. Additionally, Sensorex uses a higher volume of its proprietary polymer sensor reference gel for longer service life. The advanced sensor technology delivers accurate measurement over a range of 0-14 pH or -1000–1000mV for ORP. The probes are suited to a variety of applications with a temperature range of 0-50°C and a pressure maximum of 100psig.

The threaded ½” NPT connection enables easy in line installation or use with existing Strantrol flow cells without modification. Advanced signal shielding reduces noise for more accurate communication with process control systems. Both the pH and ORP probes are available with the option of 30 inch or 10 foot cable lengths for quick integration into existing systems.

    GE Water

    Reduces energy consumption and increases MBR technology


    LEAPprimary significantly reduces overall energy use, costs and physical space requirements by combining separation, thickening and dewatering of primary wastewater solids into one compact, high-performance unit. It replaces conventional clarification and fine screening in a typical MBR plant. LEAPprimary offers high removal of total suspended solids (50-70 percent) and biochemical oxygen demand (25-40 percent), and the removed solids can be dewatered to 20-30 percent dry matter, minimizing handling costs. Since solids and organic material are removed prior to secondary biological treatment, energy use for biological treatment is reduced.


      TruFit Technology

      Tube Cleaners

      Conco tube cleaners are designed and engineered to provide safe, effective cleaning through the patented TruFit technology. TruFit guarantees the tube cleaner selected for a cleaning application will be a perfect match for tube dimensions. Conco offers more than 14 types of cleaners; each designed to successfully remove specific types of fouling.

      For more information, please click www.concosystems.com




      Recycled Landscape Product Sustains Weather Fluctuations

      EcoBorder Curb

      Green landscape manufacturer EcoBorder announced the EcoBorder Curb, which combines the strength of stone with the flexibility of rubber. Made in the USA from recycled tires, the EcoBorder Curb retains the desired look of custom stone and concrete borders, but eliminates the drawbacks. Unlike concrete and stone, EcoBorder Curb is not as prone to crack or break due to the core component in recycled tires, which accommodates the contraction and expansion in extreme weather fluctuations. EcoBorder Curb’s innovative design features flexibility, DIY user friendly installation, and easy reconfiguration to accommodate growing plants and landscape changes.


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