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Electro-Chemical Devices, Inc.

ECD DO90 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

DO90 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

DO90 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Engineers responsible for maintaining boiler operations will find the Model DO90 Trace DO2 Sensor from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) is designed for the continuous and highly accurate measurement of trace levels of dissolved oxygen, helping to maintain oxygen-free boiler feed water and reducing corrosion.

ECD’s Model DO90 Trace Dissolved Oxygen Sensor offers reliable and effective monitoring of boiler feed water. Oxygen should only be present in trace quantities in boiler feed water, as excessive concentrations of oxygen can result in corrosion damage to the components of the steam cycle. Boiler feed water is thermally and chemically degassed to achieve oxygen-free water, a state which must be maintained throughout the steam cycle.

The Model DO90 Trace DO2 Sensor is a lead-silver galvanic sensor with a durable PFA Teflon membrane. As a digital sensor, all of the signal conditioning, calibration and diagnostic functions are performed inside the sensor. Its signal is noise-free and it features zero calibration and air calibration.  

The Model DO90 flow cell has been specially designed for use with the Model DO90 Sensor. The orientations of the inlet and outlet sample lines automatically purge air from the flow cell. The measurement chamber is optimized for fast response and all wetted parts are 316L stainless steel. The DO90 sensor is also compatible with ECD’s T80 Analyzer, which also works with all Model S80 Sensors.

The DO90 Sensor offers a large measurement range, from 0.001 to 20.00 mg/L.

Long-term stability means that drift is less than 1 percent per month.  Needing virtually no maintenance, the DO90 sensor has an easily replaceable electrode cartridge, eliminating the need for messy electrolyte/membrane replacement kits.

The Model DO90 Trace DO2 Sensor is available as separate components, sensor, fittings, flow cell, Model T80 Transmitter or as a complete panel mounted system. The panel mount system is a complete plumb-and-play device. The system is also available as a complete kit, less the panel, for mounting to an existing water panel. Installation of the flow cell is also easy, using either the clamp style holders for wall mount or the two 10 x 32 threaded ports on the backside of the flow cell for panel mounting.

    Watson-Marlow Pumps Group

    Watson-Marlow Pumps’ Qdos 60 peristaltic metering pump is designed to reduce chemical metering costs compared to conventional solenoid or stepper-driven diaphragm metering pumps.

    Qdos 60 Metering Pump

    Qdos 60 Metering Pump

    Watson-Marlow Pumps’ Qdos 60 peristaltic metering pump is designed to reduce chemical metering costs compared to conventional solenoid or stepper-driven diaphragm metering pumps. The Qdos range of pumps eliminates the need for ancillaries, boosts productivity, and cuts chemical wastage due to its highly accurate, linear and repeatable metering.

    Simple installation and easy, tool-free maintenance ensures that total cost of ownership is minimized. Watson-Marlow's patented ReNu pumphead technology provides a single, safely contained component for rapid maintenance without the need for tools. 

    Qdos pumps are ideal for disinfection, pH adjustment and flocculation of drinking water, wastewater and industrial process water, as well as reagent dosing and metering in mineral processing tasks. The Qdos 60 is especially suited to chemical metering applications found in larger water treatment plants where flow demand is greater than that provided by the existing Qdos 30 model.

      EXAIR Co.

      PEEK Super Air Nozzle

      PEEK Super Air Nozzle

      PEEK Super Air Nozzle

      EXAIR’s PEEK 3/8 NPT Super Air Nozzle features protective aerodynamic slots that guide the airflow to a single point of convergence for hard-hitting force and dramatic noise reduction over typical blowoffs. Its PEEK plastic construction provides non-marring protection to production items and excellent resistance to damage from harsh chemicals and it operates in temperatures up to 320°F (160°C). The nozzle is suitable for blowoff, cooling and drying applications located in general industrial or corrosive environments.

      The Model 1104-PEEK 3/8 NPT Super Air Nozzle provides a strong blowing force. High amplification of airflow produces a blowing force of 1.9 pounds (850 grams), with air consumption of only 35 SCFM at 80 PSIG. Safe operation is assured since the airflow of the CE compliant Super Air Nozzle cannot be blocked, which meets OSHA dead-end pressure standard 29 CFR 1910.242(b). Sound level is very low at 82 dBA and meets OSHA noise requirement 29 CFR 1910.95(a).

      The 1104-PEEK Super Air Nozzle is designed to easily replace existing wasteful nozzles or open pipes. The 3/8 NPT Super Air Nozzle is also available in Type 316 Stainless Steel and Zinc Aluminum alloy. Other PEEK thermoplastic air nozzles are available in M4x.05, M5x.05, M6x.075, 1/8 NPT and 1/4 NPT thread sizes. 

        Koch Membrane Systems Inc.

        MegaPure Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration

        MegaPure Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration

        MegaPure Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration

        Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. (KMS), world-class developer and manufacturer of innovative membranes and membrane filtration systems, announces its MegaPure hollow fiber product line. The product line is designed for high-solids water and wastewater applications, including surface water treatment, high total organic carbon (TOC) water treatment, reverse osmosis (RO) pretreatment, and tertiary wastewater treatment.

        MegaPure simplifies operation, eliminates clarifier pretreatment in many applications, minimizes downtime, and reduces chemical usage. These benefits add up to a lower total cost of ownership.

        The product line fills an important niche within the KMS family of ultrafiltration membranes with an average continuous solids tolerance of up to 250 mg/L. It features an advanced cartridge design for better solids management and a virtually unbreakable reinforced hollow fiber for superior reliability. The addition of the MegaPure line allows KMS to offer a more complete range of ultrafiltration products.

        The system features a unique single-potting cartridge design that allows air scouring to penetrate the fiber bundle more completely and release accumulated solids to the bottom where they are easily drained away. The cartridge uses the same virtually unbreakable reinforced fiber made popular by the company’s proven PURON submerged hollow fiber product line.

        The combination of durable reinforced hollow fibers and unique single-potted cartridge configuration makes the MegaPure cartridge an unparalleled solution for high solids water treatment. The MegaPure design finds the perfect balance between reliable, efficient performance and high quality output.

          JM Science Inc.

          Ammonia Analyzer

          Ammonia Analyzer

          Ammonia Analyzer

          JM Science’s AT-2000 Ammonia Analyzer is based on coulometric titration technology and can measure ammonium-nitrogen (NH4-N) swiftly, accurately and easily without any specific skill by the end-user.

          The meter has a wide measurement range from low to high end with accurate measurement and is not interfered by turbidity or color of the sample. It has a short measurement time of typically one minute. A very small volume of the sample is necessary (0.1mL, 1mL or 10mL) and calibration is not required prior to the sample run.

          The electrode is stain resistant, has little influence to temperature change, and has a long life compared to ion selective electrodes.  Only one type of environmental-friendly reagent (dedicated electrolyte) is used which means lower costs for budget-minded laboratories. 

            Clover Tool Company

            Clover Tool Company’s new patent-pending RD-A1 pneumatic nut and bolt rundown tool streamlines make up operations significantly and is specifically designed for low overhead clearance applications.

            RD-A1 Pneumatic Nut and Bolt Tool

            RD-A1 Pneumatic Nut and Bolt Tool

            Clover Tool Company’s new patent-pending RD-A1 pneumatic nut and bolt rundown tool streamlines make up operations significantly and is specifically designed for low overhead clearance applications. The Clover RD-A1 thin profile hex head (no thicker than nut height) enables it to fit onto flange nuts in tight areas like those found under BOP bodies, wing valves, and elbow flanges. If the nut fits, the RD-A1 will fit. The power adjustable magnetic hex head operates up to 1200 RPMs (free spin), reducing nut rundown operation from minutes to seconds. The through-hole design allows longer studs to pass through the tool making stud length a non-issue. The RD-A1 is lightweight and simple to operate with a forward and reverse switch and lever activated. A simple tap releases the nut from the magnetic grip of the tool after a rundown and automatically picks up the nut during run up with release extensions.

              Fluid Components International

              The new ST102A Air/Gas Thermal Mass Flow Meter features an advanced dual-element averaging system, improving installation repeatability and accuracy for larger diameter pipes and ducts.

              ST102A Air/Gas Thermal Mass Flow Meter

              ST102A Air/Gas Thermal Mass Flow Meter

              The new ST102A Air/Gas Thermal Mass Flow Meter features an advanced dual-element averaging system, improving installation repeatability and accuracy for larger diameter pipes and ducts.

              Flow measurement applications involving line sizes 12 inches or greater can realize improved installation accuracy and repeatability by averaging the flow rates of two elements. Distorted, swirling and non-repeatable flow profiles can result in decreased accuracy of single point meters. It is often impractical or impossible to provide the required straight-run for a fully developed flow profile in large lines.

              The transmitter electronics average the input from two independent flow elements into a single output. Each flow element can be independently configured for insertion length and process connection to allow installation flexibility. One flow element can be integral with the flow transmitter, or both can be configured as remote for easier access and visibility to the digital display/optical four button user interface. The flow transmitter also provides independent information for each flow element, saving time when performing service checks.

                Franklin Miller Inc.

                Franklin Miller

                Delumper® S4 Crusher

                The new ultra-sanitary DELUMPER S4 Crusher features a clean-in-place capability, quick change-over of cutting elements, a meticulously polished finish, along with the direct drive for smooth and quiet operation. The unit is available with four styles of cutters for unique versatility. The unit's unique design eliminates internal fasteners. Its precision crushing mechanism produces a once-thru, non-destructive crushing action that reduces oversized particles to their basic grain size without over-grind or over-work of material. DELUMPER® S4 Sanitary Crushers are specially designed and built to meet the high standards of the food, pharmaceutical, and fine chemical industries. A new version of the DELUMPER S4 Crusher was recently introduced that combines the best features of the two prior models with a direct drive system for a highly reliable design.


                  IDEAL MBBR™ Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors

                  IDEAL MBBR™ Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors

                  World Water Works, Inc.'s IDEAL MBBR™ Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors upgrade existing industrial wastewater treatment facilities for overloaded, non-performing, and/or undersized systems. The product can enhance existing performance and increase capacity of existing treatment plants by being installed in a small footprint reactor(s) upstream of the existing biological system.

                  The IDEAL MBBR™ acts as a roughing reactor, unloading the existing system by 60-80%. The plant upgrade can be achieved with no disruption in facility manufacturing or wastewater system performance. World Water Works offers a special PAYS™ program that allows this upgrade to be paid overtime.

                  Wilden Pump and Engineering Co.

                  Pro-Flo Shift

                  Pro-Flo Shift

                  The Wilden Pro-Flo SHIFT represents a breakthrough in energy efficiency within the AODD pump category. Due to its design, the patent-pending Pro-Flo SHIFT Air Distribution System (ADS) allows Wilden AODD pumps to achieve up to a 60% savings in air consumption over all competitive AODD pump technologies, while providing more product yield per standard cubic foot per minute (SCFM). While the Wilden Pro-Flo SHIFT dramatically improves energy efficiency, it also costs 50% less than an electronically actuated ADS, is submersible, and features plug-and-play operation. Its robust design makes the Pro-Flo SHIFT ideal for use in harsh operating environments and includes ATEX compliance for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The Pro-Flo SHIFT has fewer operating parts, which equates to less downtime and simple maintenance.

                  The Wilden Pro-Flo SHIFT is available in 38 mm (1-1/2”), 51 mm (2”), and 76 mm (3”) sizes and features maximum discharge pressures to 8.6 bar (125 psig), maximum flows to 1,056 lpm (279 gpm) and maximum solid-handling size to 13 mm (1/2”). The Pro-Flo SHIFT is available with maximum suction lifts to 7.2 m (23.8’) dry and 9.0 m (29.5’) wet. 



                    Key Performance Sustainability Indicators (KPI) Survey Module

                    The addition of the Key Performance Sustainability Indicators (KPI) Survey Module allows Corporate Sustainability Teams to survey facilities for qualitative and quantitative sustainability performance indicators and feedback and aggregate the data to assist in the creation of annual sustainability reports. Administrators can easily track which facilities have not responded to the survey and send quick, standardized follow-up emails to drive action. The KPI Survey module can be configured to assess company-defined key sustainability performance indicators as well as reporting requirements established by third party organizations (such as the Carbon Disclosure Project, Global Reporting Initiative, etc.) to ultimately improve a company’s environmental footprint, meet established sustainability goals and report out to key stakeholders and the public. For one of Gensuite’s Fortune 500 companies that is using this functionality, they have been able to streamline their annual company level reporting processes. 


                      EXAIR Co.


                      1” Flat Super Air Nozzle

                      Flat Super Air Nozzle produces a flat 1" (25mm) wide airstream with a strong blowing force of 9.8 ounces (278g) when mounted 12" (305mm) from the target. The unique design of this efficient nozzle makes it an ideal fit for both tight spaces and tight budgets. The 1" Flat Super Air Nozzle uses EXAIR's patented technology to maximize entrained airflow while reducing noise levels. A precise amount of air is released through the .015" (0.38mm) air gap opening that is set with a stainless steel shim positioned between the body and removable cap. The airstream pulls in surrounding room air to produce a wide, forceful stream of high velocity, laminar airflow. Air consumption is 10.5 SCFM at 80 PSIG. The 75 dBA sound level is below the limits of the OSHA maximum allowable noise exposure standard 29 CFR 1910.95(a).  Force and flow may be easily adjusted by installing different shim thicknesses. Optional swivel fittings and Stay Set Flexible Hoses to aim the nozzle are also available. The 1" Flat Super Air Nozzle is available in zinc aluminum alloy construction, suitable for rugged industrial applications. 


                        New Pig Corp.


                        Build-A-Berm Barrier Bladder Section

                        Build-A-Berm Barrier Bladder Section helps facilities meet secondary containment regulations while minimizing the overall area needed to provide containment. When used with the Build-A-Berm System, the Bladder Section provides an additional 55 gallons of sump capacity to a secondary containment area. Ideal for use in limited spaces where the current containment area cannot be expanded, The Bladder Section remains out of the way and automatically deploys when a spill occurs.





                          RainTrooper is a site-customized rainwater harvesting system that uses pre-storage filtration and first-flush treatment. It offers both above ground and below ground water storage tank applications, as well as post-treatment with micro-filtration, activated carbon and UV light technology, and pump systems for the distribution of the rainwater for potable and non-potable use. The cisterns may be concrete or fiberglass for cost effective below ground installations, corrosion resistant plastic for above ground applications or aesthetically pleasing corrugated steel tanks providing high visibility of the green system. 





                            3ESC facilitates product compliance and mitigates supply chain risk. The new web-based platform is the foundation for 3E’s supply chain practice, and it is enriched with a range of associated content, services, and solutions to support product compliance initiatives. Those initiatives include compliance assurance, supplier engagement, customer response, reasonable country of origin inquiry (RCOI) due diligence, and obtainment services, along with industry-leading information and documentation management. 3ESC serves as a central repository for critical product, supplier and raw material risk information, including product contents, compliance status, country of origin and georisk. The platform is fueled by content collected from upstream suppliers by 3E’s team of global obtainment specialists and enriched by 3E’s team of regulatory experts.


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