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Tennessee Emory River

22 Electric Utilities Develop Coal Ash Impoundment Action Plans

EPA says many of the electric utilities the agency has assessed are already implementing recommended measures to make their impoundments safer.

Texas' Columbia Lake Impact Statement Ready for Comment

Corps of Engineers seeks comments on its draft environmental impact statement on the Angelina & Neches River Authority project under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act.

Ecologists Create a More Precise Way to Measure Human Impacts

University of Maryland and Baylor University ecologists may have discovered a lower ecological "tipping point" at which species are threatened.

A Burmese python found along the Shark Valley Road in the Everglades

FWS Proposes to Ban Burmese Python Snakes from Everglades

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will publish the proposed rule in the Federal Register in early February and make available drafts of the economic and environmental analyses.

Mississippi Landowner Fills Wetlands, Pays $100,000

Rodney O. Corr discharged fill material into approximately 14 acres of wetlands to clear a site for commercial development without applying for a Clean Water Act Section 404 permit.

EPA Orders Developer to Restore Wyoming Wetlands

Michael and Richard Gard of Professional Home Design have expressed their intent to restore Wind River wetlands near Dubois to their pre-impact condition and grade.

Company Restores 514 Wetland Acres for La. Mitigation Credits

Resource Environmental Solutions says oil and gas companies and developers who impact wetlands in Louisiana can offset their impacts by purchasing credits.

F&WS Awards $19 M to Protect Wetlands in 11 States

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will provide $19 million in grants through the National Coastal Wetlands Conservation program that will be matched by nearly $26 million in partner contributions.

SFWMD OKs Pump Station for Stormwater Treatment Area

The pump station is just part of the South Florida Water Management District's plan to develop a wetland that will clean stormwater runoff bound for Lake Okeechobee, and ultimately, the Everglades.

Western Lawmakers Oppose Clean Water Restoration Act

Letter to congressional leaders points out that Senate bill 787 would give EPA and Army Corps of Engineers the power to regulate all inland waters.

Eco-Tourist Owner: Barbados Endangered Wetlands

Peter Allard, who owns a facility in Barbados, filed a complaint against the government alleging it violated its obligations at Graeme Hall Swamp.

Organism Color Changes Indicate Change in Salt Levels

SETI Institute and NASA are using a Zeppelin over San Francisco Bay to gather data for a predictive model of microbial ecosystem change.

Panel to Consider Coastal Wetlands for Sequestration

Restore America's Estuaries is organizing a group of experts to develop a greenhouse gas offset protocol for wetland restoration projects.

FHWA Honors Flatiron for Innovative Construction

Company used erection gantry to drive pile and protect Pamlico-Tar River and wetlands.

American Rivers Names 8 Water-wise Cities

The list features cities in Colorado, Georgia, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Washington Adopts Wetland Mitigation Banking Rule

The Department of Ecology rule should help coordination and provide timely review of proposals of wetland mitigation banks.

Task Force to Review Post-Katrina Restoration

Work on restoring Louisiana's coastline has yet to be completed four years after Hurricane Katrina caused billions of dollars in damage.

DOI Adopts Standard for Mapping Wetlands

The wetlands mapping standard is expected to enhance the quality and consistency of wetlands data.

DOI Adopts Standard for Mapping Wetlands

The wetlands mapping standard is expected to enhance the quality and consistency of wetlands data.

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