Environmental Protection


Energy Company Wants to Donate Solar Arrays

Green Mountain Energy Company's Big Texas Sun Club will choose 2010 recipients from nonprofit applicants.

Aviation Industry Handbook to Detail Water Issues

FAA-sponsored guidelines should address water resource issues affecting airport capacity enhancement planning.

Water Samples Bring Up Asbestos in Sumas River

EPA says asbestos comes from a Sumas Mountain landslide and occurs naturally.

Tips Send Police to Mexico to Arrest Wainwright

A fugitive listed on EPA's Web site, Wainwright is wanted for allegedly polluting wetlands in Indiana.

Busch Supports River Network, Helps Protect Rivers

For the fourth consecutive year, the two organizations are partnering to protect rivers in Oregon and Washington.

SFWMD Will Post Permit Applications, Hold Web Meetings

The South Florida Water Management District is implementing a state law that requires more transparency in its decision-making process.

ASCE to Discuss Future Challenges at Conference

Infrastructure revitalization will be a major focus at the annual civil engineering conference.

Study: Too Much Manganese Correlates to Cancer Rates

Researcher of groundwater and air study in North Carolina hopes finding will stimulate more studies.

Chicago District Awards Automation Contract to Emerson

Second and third phases of a multi-year project expands the use of the Ovation system at the Stickney Water Reclamation Plant.

Mexico Sets Clean Cities and Recycling Contests

Local governments, with corporate support from Pinol, are exercising best practices in litter control and solid waste management.

Oregon Tests Method with Snapshot of Illicit Drug Use

Using Oregon State University analytical methods, researchers enlisted the help of wastewater treatment facilities in 96 municipalities to measure meth, cocaine, and ecstasy.

Canadian Study Finds Higher Levels of Mercury in Summer

The amount of atmospheric gaseous elemental mercury spiked in June, according to Julia Lu, a Ryerson University associate professor.

Nutrient Levels Stable in Half of Streams USGS Tested

The assessment will help determine the effectiveness of land management practices, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Singapore Breaks Ground on Jurong Lake Project

Black & Veatch says Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters are designed to bring people closer to water.

ASTM Develops Method to Measure Inert Gases in Windows

Spark emission spectroscopy will allow a nondestructive way to determine how well insulating glass units contain argon.

AllSAFE Comments on E-15 Fuel Waiver Application

Bifurcating the fuel supply would confuse consumers, according to the Alliance for a Safe Alternative Fuels Environment.

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