Environmental Protection


Alberta Researchers Find High Levels of Mercury

Previous research used data to model mercury export over a year while the new estimates were confined to three months the team spent on the Mackenzie River Delta.

Westlands Sues, Wants NMFS to Prepare EIS for Salmon

Westlands Water District joined 29 other public water agencies that argued the National Marine Fisheries Service should have prepared an environmental impact statement before issuing a salmon recovery plan.

EPA Recognizes Beall for Operator Excellence

Beall has helped maintain an eight-year perfect compliance record for drinking water treatment at the Woodberry Forest School and its community.

Pima County Wastewater Plant Installs Six E-Noses

N.A. Water Systems provided OdoWatch technology to the Roger Road Wastewater Reclamation Facility.

Pesticide Appliers Will Need CWA Permits in 2011

Pesticide residuals are regulated as pollutants under the Clean Water Act, but appliers will not need permits until after April 9, 2011, the court said.

Case study: FOG Solution Provides Biogas to Power Ken's Foods Plant

Submerged membrane technology tackles biomass retention and solids-liquid separation with the collateral advantage of providing energy.

EPA Grants Help Estuaries Deal with Climate Change

About $430,000 and technical assistance will be provided to eight National Estuary Programs.

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