Environmental Protection


Study to Uncover Pollution in Clinch, Powell Rivers

Middle Tennessee State University professor will examine pollution indicators in rivers that have been impacted by mining.

ElutraSep Teams up with Minntech

Hollow fiber modules will concentrate and recover cryptosporidium and giardia for drinking water tests.

Rain, Manure Application Timing Affect Carbon Losses

Purdue University study measured drainflow and solute losses from agricultural practices over a six year span.

San Andreas to Improve Plant Using Stimulus Funds

ECO:LOGIC Engineering planned and designed the wastewater treatment plant improvements and helped to secure a $5.8 million cash grant and $4.7 million loan from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund program.

Study: Low Flow in Apalachicola May Hurt Gulf Fish

Florida State University research found that the concentration of phytoplankton decreased over a large area of the continental shelf where reef fish spawn.

USDA Selects Projects for $123 M in Stimulus Funds

Rural towns and communities in 24 states will get financing for drinking water and wastewater treatment systems.

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