Environmental Protection


Regenesis Credits ORC for 29 Contaminated Site Closures

San Clemente, Calif.-based Regenesis says its Oxygen Release Compound has facilitated the cost-effective closure of 29 major petroleum company sites in the Midwest.

Michigan, Pontiac Settle Natural Resource Damages Case

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has revised the schedule of compliance for the Pontiac Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Conservancy Petitions EPA to Ban Food with Pesticide Residues

The American Bird Conservancy wants EPA to ban the import of crops containing any residues of 13 pesticides that are banned or restricted for use in the United States.

Five Companies Pay for Damages from Palmerton Zinc Pile

CBS Operations Inc., TCI Pacific Communications Inc., CBS/Westinghouse of Pa. Inc., HH Liquidating Corp. and HRD Liquidating Corp., agreed to pay $21 million to Pennsylvania and the federal government, according to the Department of Justice.

Energy Recovery Introduces Device for Desalination

ERI says its newest device reduces energy consumption by up to 60 percent.

Coalition Calls for Changes in U.S. Chemical Safety Law

The Toxic Substances Control Act needs an overhaul, according to Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families.

New York Pilot Meets High Standards with Low Energy

NYSERDA, Delaware Operations test plant that uses a mechanical fine screen, clarifier with pre-coagulation, continuously backwashed upflow sand filter with pre-coagulation, and a membrane bioreactor and disinfection.

Florida County Selects USBF for New WWTP

Volusia County, Fla., will use the upflow sludge blanket filtration technology to treat wastewater at a new plant.

California Seeks Comments on Adaptation Strategy

California's draft strategy explains how climate change could affect the state and recommends ways to manage those effects.

EPRI Says Electricity Sector Could Reduce CO2 by 41%

The effort by electricity sector technologies would require sustained research, development and demonstration and aggressive deployment of the full portfolio.

Bad River Tribe to Administer Water Quality Standards

EPA still must approve the Wisconsin-based tribe's water quality standards.

Arizona American Water Wins Water Reuse Award

Northwest Valley team invented a way to use the Big Bubba Water Filter.

Ecological Research Shows Need for Balance

Whether it's mosquitos, urbanized lakeshores, or greenroofs, the Ecological Society of America has the research to help people understand the need for balance in freshwater ecosystems.

New Reuse: Old Mine Shafts as Geothermal Energy Plants

Engineers consider closed down mine shafts as possible geothermal boilers.

Army Corps Selects B&V for Reservoir Tunnel

The engineering firm will design the McCook Reservoir Main Tunnel, which will connect a future reservoir to Chicago's Deep Tunnel system.

Feds Offer ARRA Funds for Renewable Energy Facilities

The energy and treasury departments will accept applications for direct payments to companies that create and start up renewable energy facilities.

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