Environmental Protection


Coolerado Corp. Wins Challenge with Low-cost HVAC

The Coolerado H-80 tests indicate almost 80 percent energy-use savings and over 60 percent peak-demand reduction.

NRCS Uses Society Results in Restoring Streams

Wildlife Conservation Society study shows woody vegetation leads to more diverse and abundant riparian birds, which can add value to a stream assessment.

DOI Adopts Standard for Mapping Wetlands

The wetlands mapping standard is expected to enhance the quality and consistency of wetlands data.

PPG to Lower Mercury Emissions at Natrium Plant

A portion of the Natrium facility, which was built in 1957, uses an outdated, mercury-based production process that remains in use at only four of the 119 chlorine plants in the United States.

IJC Describes Work in U.S.-Canada Dispute Resolution

Annual IJC report offers guidelines for tackling transboundary issues.

UL Offers Certification for Dispensers of E25 Blends

At blends above E25, there is increased potential for different types of damage to materials and components and, as a result, there are more stringent requirements.

Port Chester, N.Y., to Better Manage Its Stormwater

EPA sampling found high levels of two types of bacteria in village stormwater.

Experiment Suggests 4-Day Pesticide Testing Falls Short

University of Pittsburgh study shows endosulfan can exhibit effects on frogs and toad tadpoles after EPA's four-day testing period.

EPA to Develop Numeric Criteria for Nutrient Pollution

Earthjustice lawsuit ends with EPA agreeing to set limits for nutrients that trigger algae blooms.

Detroit Edison Calls for Renewable Power Proposals

Detroit Edison is working toward compliance with the Michigan law that requires electric utilities to serve 10 percent of their retail sales using renewable energy resources by 2015.

Stockholm Junior Water Prize Winner Harnesses Rainwater

Ceren Dag of Turkey demonstrated that, by using a smart material with piezoelectric properties, the kinetic energy of raindrops could be transferred to electrical energy.

West Virginia Town Sued for Violating Safe Drinking Water Act

The complaint alleges, among other things, that untreated sewage has flowed into residential yards, basements, streams, and the Tug Fork River.

Global Water Roundtable to Set Standards on Stewardship

The Roundtable's objective is to bring together government, science and industry stakeholders to set clear standards and a certification system for efficient water use.

How Facility Owners Can Lower their Water Footprint

Siemens Water Technologies provides five tips to help factory and manufacturing facility owners and operators reduce their water use.

Plastics in Ocean Decompose Fairly Quickly, Study Says

Researchers said polystyrene begins to decompose within one year, release components detectable in the parts-per-million range.

Pipeline Co., 2 Firms Settle Spills Case, Pay $3.65 M

The Justice Department submitted a consent decree covering the 2004 spills of anhydrous ammonia in Nebraska and Kansas that killed an estimated 21,000 fish.

Stockholm Water Event Emphasizes Need for Action

During the 2009 World Water Week in Stockholm, more than 2,000 participants gathered to hear leaders challenge the world to think in new ways about the role of water in peace, economic development, and public health.

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