Environmental Protection


Plankton Power, RTDC Propose Algae-to-Biofuels Pilot on Cape Cod

The planned biorefinery will focus on pilot- and commercial-scale development of algae biodiesel.

Michigan Research Vindicates Rules Banning Phosphorus Fertilizers

Phosphorus levels dropped an average of 28 percent in the Huron River after the city of Ann Arbor adopted an ordinance in 2006.

eTec to Test Electric Vehicles, Charging Stations in 5 Markets

DOE-funded project hopes to determine how to integrate vehicle charging into a smart electric grid at the lowest possible cost.

ASCE Seeks Comments on Physical Security Guidelines

The American Society of Civil Engineers is asking for feedback on guidelines it developed with AWWA and WEF for the physical security of drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Ill. Governor Signs Contamination Right-to-Know Bill

All users of a community water supply must be notified when water is contaminated or there is a threat of contamination, according to the new Illinois law.


Bridges for Human and Aquatic Species

MACTEC Engineering and Consulting assembled a design team for the U.S. Forest Service to evaluate the risks and determine mitigating measures to enable safe passage for human traffic and aquatic species in nine National Forests.

Tyson Fresh Meats to Pay $2 M for Discharges

Tyson Fresh Meats had agreed to bring its wastewater discharges into compliance at its Dakota City, Neb., facility.

Pickens Pushes Natural Gas at Project New West Summit

In July, the United States imported 65 percent of its oil, sending about $24 billion to foreign governments.

NASA Data Shows Groundwater Declines in India

Data provided by India's Ministry of Water Resources to the NASA-funded researchers suggested groundwater use across India was exceeding natural replenishment.

Dalhousie Offers Industrial Best Practices for Water

The report covers the current state of water management in Canadian industrial parks and details tips, solutions, and technologies for reducing water use.

Acidity in Alaska's Oceans Could Affect Fisheries

Researcher Jeremy Mathis says this is a case where we see ocean acidification having an indirect effect on a commercially viable species by reducing its food supply.

UMass Buoys Track Bacteria in Neponset River

The two-year program tracks near-shore climate conditions around Boston Harbor, measuring colored dissolved organic matter.

Square D Receives Occupational Excellence Award

The National Safety Council names Square D Services a winner for occupational achievement for reporting few injuries and illnesses and no fatalities in 2008.

MDs Say Solar and Wind Power Not as Risky to Workers

Wind and solar power jobs appear to offer less risk than those associated with coal, oil, and natural gas, according to Drs. Sumner and Layde.

NRCS Uses Society Results in Restoring Streams

Wildlife Conservation Society study shows woody vegetation leads to more diverse and abundant riparian birds, which can add value to a stream assessment.

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