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Santa Clara University Partners with Ayllu to Create Map of Off-Grid Energy Solutions

The map provides detailed graphs and analysis of 40 social enterprises in 16 countries that are overcoming vast hurdles in their respective markets to bring electricity or alternative fuel to 500 to 500,000 people apiece.

CEO: Signs that U.S. is Using Less Water Are Everywhere

Klaus Reichardt, CEO of Waterless Co., said his conclusion is based on a new book, "The Big Thirst," by Charles Fishman.

Landfill Gas Powers GM Plant for New Fuel-sipping Cars

Forty percent of the energy to power the General Motors Orion Assembly Plant will come from burning landfill gas created nearby.

World Bank to Loan Ukraine $200M for Energy-Efficiency Project

The World Bank’s board of directors has approved a $200 million loan to finance investments in energy-saving programs in industrial companies, municipalities and municipal-owned companies, as well as energy service companies in Ukraine, reports the World Bank on its website.

Study Predicts Cellulosic Ethanol Won't Contribute to Renewable Fuel Targets by 2022

The study details 12 technologies and 36 projects that convert wood to fuels including ethanol, butanol, diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel.

G-OIL Makes its NASCAR Debut With Kenny Wallace at Dover International Speedway

Green Earth Technologies Inc. has entered a multi-race partnership with RAB Racing with Brack Maggard, promoting G-OIL motor oil at Dover International Speedway. RAB Racing will showcase G-OIL on the No. 09 Toyota Camry driven by Kenny Wallace for four NASCAR Nationwide Series events in 2011.

PepsiCo Rolls Out Ecofriendly Recyclable and Compostable Cups (With Video)

PepsiCo has begun offering five options of eco-friendly, recyclable and compostable cups to Foodservice customers in the United States through company-owned and independent bottler distribution systems.

“Biochar” More Effective, Cheaper at Removing Phosphate from Water

A process developed by University of Florida researchers using partially burned organic matter called biochar could provide an affordable solution to the problem of abundant phosphate in the water.

New Solar Product Captures up to 95 Percent of Light Energy

A University of Missouri engineer has developed a flexible solar sheet that captures more than 90 percent of available light, and he plans to make prototypes available to consumers within the next five years.

First Net-Zero Energy Bank in the U.S. Opens in Florida (With Video)

TD Bank opened the first net-zero energy bank location in the United States in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

EPA and Mexico Develop 13.9 million Project to Improve Border

Partners and stakeholders of the U.S.–Mexico Border 2012 National Coordinators announced the initiation of a $13.9 million project, including $4 million from the Global Environmental Facility, for the joint development of a Regional Framework for Sustainable Use of the Rio Bravo/Rio Grande and to address environmental issues.

Coca-Cola Helps Advance Water Sustainability Projects in the Pacific Region

The Coca-Cola Company will donate $4 million through its Coca-Cola Foundation to the United Nations Development Program Water Stewardship Program in China and the World Wide Fund for Nature Yangtze Partnership.

EPA Orders Western Environmental to Stop Noxious Odors Coming From Calif. Facility

EPA has ordered Western Environmental Inc. to take immediate steps to address potentially harmful emissions coming from its Mecca, Calif., waste handling facility.

Companies Tout New Trends and Technologies at 2011 WasteExpo

The show, which bills itself as the largest event in North America serving the $75 billion solid waste and recycling industry, takes place May 10 to 12 at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.

Wastequip Introduces its Grease Vault

Grease Vault is designed for secure storage and easy emptying of food grease.

How Environmentally Friendly are Capsule Systems and Other Ways Of Making Coffee?

Empa researchers have taken a close look at the ecological balances of the various systems currently in use.

GaiaRecycle Discusses Benefits of Onsite Food Waste Recycling

Attendees at the WasteExpo show can receive an up-close view of GaiaRecycle’s patented “double helix” shredder and blade technology, and learn how the company's systems accelerate the organic decomposition process based on drying, sterilizing and grinding mixed food scraps and organic waste.

Shed Skin Contributes to Reducing Indoor Air Pollution

Flakes of skin that people shed at the rate of 500 million cells every day are not just a nuisance — they actually can be beneficial.

In the Middle of Hot Texas City, a Glimpse of Green

Despite the dry climate, the Omni hotel in Fort Worth, Texas, has installed a rooftop herb garden on one of its terraces shaded from the hot summer sun.

Study: Relationship Between Farming, Phosphorus in Miss. River Not Clear-Cut

Overall, the findings suggest that reducing phosphorus pollution will require broad adoption of practices that limit nutrient runoff, such as cover crops, buffer strips, and incorporation of fertilizers. It will also require limits on phosphorus discharge from cities.

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