Environmental Protection


Latest Cancer Risk Study Calls for Cohesive Environmental Policy

President's Cancer Panel notes that while the problem is not new, the awareness of a lack of government action has grown.

Metal Engraving Firm to Pay $31,612 to Settle 'Right-to-Know' Issues

Holland 1916 allegedly did not file chemical disclosure reports in 2006, 2007, and 2008.

Puerto Rico Authority to Spend $195 M on 126 Drinking Water Plants

The Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority also will pay a $1 million civil penalty and spend an additional $2.5 million to improve lake water quality.

Lawmakers Tackle Endocrine Disruptors in New Bill

Reps. Markey and Moran charge EPA to test 100 chemicals over four years and determine their impact on humans.

Navistar Resolves SCR Truck Suit against EPA

The agency will engage in a public process to re-examine its policies.

EPA to Cut Mercury from Boilers, Solid Waste Incinerators

Agency expects rule would cut mercury emissions by more than 50 percent.

Waterkeepers Want Feds to Contain Gulf Spill, Step Up Oversight

Environmental organization braces for Gulf disaster impact on fragile coastal ecosystems and fisheries.

truck fumes

Maryland Professor to Study Soot Chemistry

Research by National Science Foundation award winner Peter Sunderland may help engine designers improve the way fuel is injected and burned.

Chemical, Hazard Exposure and Toxicity Data Now Available

EPA is sharing 30 years of testing results through an online searchable database called ToxRedDB.

Mexico City Air Pollution Shows Adverse Effects at Young Age

Research suggests that endotoxins, which attach to particulate matter, may play a role in chronic inflammation of the heart.

NIH White Paper Offers Framework for Climate-Health Research

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences led the work on the federal report, which recommends that future research determines who will be most vulnerable to climate change and what efforts will be most beneficial.

BP Outlines Plan for Controlling Oil Spill

Relief wells will be drilled. In Houma, La., where the field operations response is being coordinated, almost 500 workers have been deployed to coordinate the spill response.

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EPA Seeks Comments on Aircraft Lead Emissions Data

Agency will determine if lead in aviation gas poses threat to public health.

SOCMA Plans Third Washington Flyin for June

Chemical manufacturers' group encourages members to voice their concerns on chemical site security and TSCA reform.

11 Groups Urge Suspension of Nuclear Licensing; Defect Found

Nuclear engineer Arnold Gundersen says corrosion turns “passive” emergency feature into greater accident risk.  

Treece, Kan., Residents Will Get Relocation Help

The agency has partnered with the state of Kansas to help the owners of 77 residential and business properties move away from the Tar Creek Superfund site in Oklahoma.

Mississippi to Implement EPA's Lead Renovation Program

The state's environmental agency has received approval for administering and enforcing the Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting program.

Indiana Study Finds Antimony Properties Not Similar to Arsenic

Researchers are measuring antimony concentrations from water samples near the world's largest antimony mine in Xikuangshan, China.

Manufacturers Must Test Chemical Safety in New TSCA Bills

SOCMA calls the efforts of Congress to reform the Toxics Substance Control Act overreaching; Safer Chemicals group wants more teeth in the measure.

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